1.2x2.4 SCrog 1200-1800w soil+hydro LST

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  1. Hi folks!!
    This is my first SCrog with unknown genetics... Great start! Lol.

    I currently have a flowerbomb kush by strain hunters in 30L of plagron bat mix, I have LST that bitch so much it's unreal, she is 10 weeks old today... She's hit the net now and is spreadin an inch a day, I have a greenhouse cheese that has been topped... She's about 1/2 an inch of the screen.. Same as the critical kush next to her imbetween the monsters lol!!.

    I have a couple of autos one smokey bear that's on week 3 of flower I obtained off a friend because his room is over run! Lol.... So now she's involved next to the fan.... Next to miss flowerbomb.

    Using all canna nutrients for everything, canna vega for the bat mix girls, a+b canna Aqua, cal mag, and silicone for the hydro..

    Ahh! The hydro! I have a 50L reservoir with 4 holes for plants with 4 individual sprayers (one for each) the big bitch you can see everywhere is triple cheese not sure who the breeder is but I thinks it's barneys farm?? She was a clone off a friend, next to her is an auto blue mazar, behind that near the added net over the hydro are 2x 3 week old flowerbomb kush clones. I switched to 12/12 today as I haven't got a clue on the stretch these are going to give out.... Any ideas?

    I am running 2x600w HPS
    Adding another 3 weeks into flower, got temps of 83 in the day 70 at night, aeroponics machine sprays roots for 15 mins every hour.... Any help would be appreciated, thanks,
    Peace out
  2. How do I upload pictures using an iPhone? After uploading it just has the option to close not save??? Any ideas on how I can upload?
  3. Bump......
  4. PICTURES!!!! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] does anybody know if these sun blaster night lights are any good? Claim not to wake my girls up but is that true?? I'm not an asshole but if nobody replies after this post my conclusion is that this forum is shite, I need advise and help, I'm only human... Please

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