1.2m b 1.2m grow box

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  1. SO this is my attempt at my first grow. its a CFL grow with 3 DWC systems and 2 regular soil grown plants
    for starting i have
    7 x15watt warm white cfls each making 880 lumens= 6160
    5 x 20watt soft white cfls each making 1150 lumes= 5750
    2 x air pumps with tubing and air stones
    3 intake fans 80mm
    3 exhaust fans 80,80,120mm
    timer set to 18-6
    im using regular soil fertilizer that i dissolved in very hot water as trying to find hydroponic nutrients here in South Africa is almost impossible and way over priced
    i started the seedlings before placing them into the dwc.this is photos of day 2

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