1.2 X 2.4 X 2.0m tent, 2 x600s?

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  1. I'm using a 1.2 X 2.4 X 2.0 h tent... Currently have 2 X 600s with lumii ballast but standard Eco reflectors...I use a 10inch extractor with 8 plants so I want to know what is the best reflector or lamps for this area?? Good for money prices, also if you say cooled then can I extract using the 10inch ...?
  2. Thats a lot of light for that area. Can you manage that much heat?
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    3'11" X 7'10" X 6'6" roughly so in the US we would call it a 4x8x6'6". Sorry bro google had to simplify it for us Americans. Two 600 would work. Cool hoods are nice. Cool incoming air and you should be good with a strong enough fan. Which a 10" probably is close depending on the cfm. Do you know the cfm of the inline fan?
  4. You do not have enough room in a tent that size to handle 2 600's or grow 8 plants. You might as well figure 18" sq. of floor space per plant to give them adequate room to grow and expand. When you put them into the flower cycle, they will double or triple in size, and the tent you are growing in realistically would only accommodate a couple of plants at most without you crowding out the space. And for a couple of plants, one of those 600s will do just fine. If you tried to hang 2 in there and run them, it would probably melt that tent to the ground. LOL One 600 puts out a ton of heat...so double that and think about what it would do to your plants unless you have a tent air conditioner you could throw in there with it. Back off the number of plants you're planning to grow at one time, especially in flower, and do a couple of runs in your tent to work out the kinks. You'll find that to grow more and get anything from them, you're going to have to go back for a larger tent or build yourself a larger space to at least flower in. The size and density of your buds is directly related to how much good strong light they get in flower. But hps lights run very hot and the more wattage of them you've got in a space, the hotter it gets. You'll definitely need some major ventilation if you use both those lights at once. We ran 2 1000 watt hps lights in the beginning in a flower room about 8 x 12. We realized real fast that we had to have an air conditioner to deal with the heat along with the ventilated hoods. We doubled our lights about a year ago and now use 4 per room. We had to buy a larger air conditioner when we bought the lights. Heat will kill these plants in a hurry, so seriously research what you're attempting to do and talk to the growers on here for some solid recommendations for what your planning to grow. Good luck and happy growing! TWW
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    Bro I put 600s in a 2×4 tent. You're totally fine if it's set up right. There's no way I would ever go smaller in a tent the size you have. Lots of people don't think logically enough to figure it out and say it can't be done but it's so easy with cool hoods.
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  6. I've ran two 600s in this size tent a few times, temps at the min are 21-25c rh:60% so it's not bad but I've only ever used Eco shades but I feel more can be done to spread the light, it's not as bright as you think there's a few dark spots with 2 600s in this size tent
  7. Which cool hoods, there's different sizes
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    I use smaller hoods then you may want too. I'm covering a much smaller area. Hoods cast different foot prints that are better suited for different areas. Check out the manufactures specifications and look for one that works for your area. Since your using 2 lights look for hoods that cover half your tent each. It would make for much easier, cleaner hook up for the hoods to have 10" ducts for your 10" fan. I run 2 hoods in succession, make sure to figure that in when deciding on fans and get 1 large enough. It does add extra drag on the fan. Hell man set up right you could throw two 1000s in there. People do all the time. A 1000 covers a 4x4, which is half your tent area very nicely
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  9. I run two 1000's at 75% in a 4x8 with 6 plants, the legal limit for recreational use in my state. I use 6" Cooltubes in series. I also use a carbon filtered 6" exhaust fan and a 6" filtered intake fan pulling cold air from outside. Where I live the average temps range from 30-70F throughout the year, so in summer I vent all my lights and general exhaust outside, in winter I use the heat from the lights to heat my home. Sometimes in mid flower I run one at 100% and one at 75%, alternating them every day or two, but only if I didn't let my plants get too tall.
    Both lights running at 1000 watts all the time tends to burn my plants.
    If I had 600's I'd probably use those instead but i make do with dimmed 1000's just fine. I get about 2- 2 1/2 lbs per grow with 6 plants, though I'm going to start scrogging next time I think and maybe I'll get more like 3 + with a longer veg and a scrog.
    Anyway that's what I do with a 4x8 tent. I hope it's helpful for you. Good luck and happy growing!

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