1-2 week old plants lightish green with leaves curling under help!

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  1. theyre in hempy buckets under 50watt and two 26 watt CFLs at an avrage 75 to 80* F(lights off and on) watered everyday on 18/6, i dont Ph test my water yet because i need to buy a meter with the Ph up and down with nutrients but i do let my tap water sit for a day, i transplanted them into hempy out of dirt but they didnt even develope to many roots yet, should i be worried about them curling under like this? also should i use a fan right now and what should i expect in the next few weeks of vegging?

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  2. Pure perlite is not a good growing medium. It damages the roots and slows or even stops their growth. Transplant them very carefully asap.

    Never use clear containers. Roots need to be in darkness all of the time. The clear containers & the perlite medium will continue to inhibit root development until they die from it.

    You have to set the pH because the liquids need to be somewhat acidic when growing soilless/hydroponically.

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