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1/2 Pound of Purple Kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by clift, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. My stash as of right now....


    One of two jars shown in pics. Easily the best plant to grow if you have access to a clone. In my opinion nothing beats PK for medical value. Enjoy.
  2. You're making this t-break really hard... :D

  3. Well in that case it's about to get harder...

    For your drooling pleasure...


    That's the church, and growing in the back is Bubba Kush.:hello:
  4. err...oh boy.. uu...uuu...sdfnsfn....RIEUGRNIG.... *jizz*
  5. holy balls thats awesome
  6. Jack Herer...

  7. Finally Purple Kush... well the top of a side branch anyway...


    That's it for now I can't stand uploading pics lol... glad you guys enjoy.
  8. Holy santa claus shit, that is the church dude.
  9. Where's the other 6 ounces?
  10. damn thats sick:smoking:

  11. Good estimation! I've smoked about an ounce so far... 3 O's pictured and 4 in the other jar. Seriously though man good eye!:cool:
  12. well now my mouth is full of drool
  13. looks delicious. keep on doing god's work
  14. dont forget to post a smoke report on the church. Ill be seeing that strain in Oct.
  15. thats funny because i just picked up bubba AND purple kush the other day, love both
  16. Nice buds man. It's unfortunate they're not purple but I'm sure you don't mind it, :smoke:.

  17. Not one bit! :)

    I'll make a new thread called Clift's Buds and I'll update with new buds all the time grown by me or by friends. Thanks for all the comments!
  18. You sir are a lucky man, I'm on a kush binge right now, past month have consisted of oz of purple kush, hq of OG kush and now I'm on a hq of king kush, I don't want to stop being kushed anytime soon so I hope the little one hurrys up and starts to flower! That seed came from another random kush hq
  19. Hempstar my friend grew and gave me. This is a 3g nug, just look at the color of the trichomes!

  20. Hopefully you get lucky and end up with some killer kush!:smoking:

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