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1/2 pick up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BongsAway90, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. got it from a guy i knew from high school, ran me 205, but its some pretty decent buds if i do say so myself.. here's some porn for u :smoke: first pic is the half itself, ... minus .4 :D got kinda greedy before i got out the camera. second pic is the biggest bud on the scale and third is the same bud in comparison to my grinder

    Attached Files:

  2. Looks nice man. Great buds
  3. That looks good man, indica or sativa?
  4. One of the nugs looks like its a different strain
  5. looks dank man, nice.
  6. looks like that fiiiyaaa
  7. not the best price, but good bud yo.

    looks like some dank nuggets, stay stoned bro :bongin:
  8. Nice dude I've never had purps.
  9. Price is pretty crazy, but nice buds :smoke:
  10. I have same scale as you :D, and pretty nice buds and wouldn't you rather have smaller nugs so that its more bud than stem?
  11. couldnt be picky about the price, its pretty dry over here. and i dont like my scale lol it feels cheap, i ordered a new one yesterday looks pretty official better be for 60 bucks >_>
  12. Damn man... you must be on the east coast? Here in MD a half of premo can go for 200... sounds like he was making just a quick 5. But, if it's dry who cares. Looks good.
  13. hey man i have the same scale as u how do u get it to .00 mine only dose .1s nice pick up btw
  14. You probably have a .1 version instead of the .01. They are cheap on amazon I think I bought mine for 12$+shipping so you should invest in an upgrade.
  15. Looks awesome man smoke it up... the price is sketchy tho
  16. hopefully next time i can find it closer to 185, but its gonna be hard.
  17. haha nice gotta love pick ups were you got one big ass nugg lol

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