1/2 oz of hash between 2.....OMG

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  1. I ate about a quater oz of hash blue berry muffins before I went to see the expendables in concert with some friends in st pete....its been about 45 minuts, and were toking on a blunt I rolled upI felt like I was on extacy and I was about to jump out of my skin. I felt like I had stuck my finger in a outlet for about 4 hours and my bones were about to explode....I was so tore, I left the concert I was at with my friends, walked down the sketchiest part of st pete, almost stabbed 2 bumbs in the neck with a pen stalking me talking about how I was all alone(I swear I could fuckin hear them wispering like some one was screaming) and that got me all stirred up. I then walked into a blockbuster store and mubmbled something to the sales associates, walked over to the candy bars and at like 2 butter fingers and then opend a bottle of pepsie and drank it in front of the counter. my eyes looked like SATIN when I went into the abthroom. It really wasnt funny at the time but it is now that I think about it. These 2 guys behind the counter looked so fucking scared that I left the store cus I swear they about called the police. I didn't pay for the candy bars or pepsi and remembering asking the guys how much it was and they sad don't worry about it lol. I hid in some bushes thinking these guys in the parking lot were I parked my car were part of the FBI ready to black bag me or something. about 2 hours of crouching in bushes waiting till it was "safe" to go back to my car, I can hear my friends saying, theirs that crazy bitch. Their like wtf are you doing? im like, I have no Idea whats going on, get me home.
  2. Paragraphs?
  3. thast bad ass what the blcokbuster people did to u. They for shure knew you were stoned:smoking:
  4. lol thats an awesome story, it never gets as intiresting as when your baked out of your mind in some town in the middle of the night
  5. Yeah, man, sounds like you went into not expecting it to be as intense :eek:. That's fucking funny how the blockbuster guys gave it to you for free...you must have looked like a fucking crack addict :laughing:. What happened to your friend who took the other quarter?
  6. damn you must still be feelin it. your sentence structures are not quite normal yet. but hella funny. it's been way too long since i've been that high. :(
  7. you ate a quarter of hash? jesus christ you had to have been fucked off your gourd.
  8. You be trippin!
  9. on a lighter note, i love the expendables.
  10. That shit is hilariuous....lol im fuckin baked now and i cant stop laughing at this shit lol...sounds like u were trippin lol
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    ROFL, I am sober as FUCK right now and I could barely finish reading about this person's adventures from the laughter...

    I love you for that story, it was fucking AWESOME, hahahahaha. All the time you spent in that parking lot paranoid out of your ass, that is what life is about.
  12. dude, I was so fucked up that for hours I was praying to god that i would stop smoking weed forever if he stopped the high lol. I was at this point where I wanted to cry but I couldent I was shaking like a leaf from the damn hash I was so tore. I was walking past these 2 black guys in their car(for some reason I had like supersonic hearing) and Ihear them say, "and they say black kids are fucked up these days, look at that mother fucker, god damn!" I remeber walking like leaning so far backwards that my spin hurt. When my buddies finaly found me in the bush, It was like being rescued from the desert. I didnt smoke weed for like 4 months after that. the girl I was with was FLIPPIN, out. Like straight what did I put in them besides weed screaming n flpping out. it took way longer for them to hit here for some reason, it was her first time eating weed, let alone she never smoked chronic. I have eaten a half freezer bag of mushrooms with m buddie when we picked from a local cow feild. I was AS fucked up as eating like 200 mushrooms from the cow feild. I dunno if something lcicked that hash muffin night but I cannot smoke weed without getting MASSIVE panic attacks. and its been like 2 years. I smoke VERY little now. Its never more than a toke. I enjoy feeling relaxed and my days of getting stupid are over. i enjoy not getting blazed anymore tho.
  13. ok so you've smoked/eaten half oz of hash and eaten 200 mushrooms, also take 1000 hits of acid and 1500 rails right? dude if this story it true, all that hash made you straight up retarded.
  14. A quarter oz. is a LOT of hash to consume - however you do it. It's interesting that, for one thing, you got higher from the hash than a large amount of mushrooms, but you never used the term "trip" for the hash experience. There is still a major difference between getting very wasted on hash or a lot of good weed, and tripping on psychedelic drugs like LSD, mescaline and psilocybin.
  15. u crouched in the bushes for 2 hours? LOL that hash muffin mustve been some bomb shit
  16. Its really hard to read that dude try and erm... write properly if you know what i mean?
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    jgrigss, im not trying to have a pissing contest. The mushroom statement was a comparison for people to my hash experince. mushrooms are various sizes. If youve ever eaten them. I didnt say i ate 200 saucer size mushrooms did I? And if you know, Psilocybin looses its effectiveness after you consume it even more than once, so how do you know I didnt trip for a couple days straight and therefore the effectiveness of psilocybin wasnt nearly as strong as to me having ate all them my first day of tripping? also, you have to smoke your body weight in THC to die,in 15 minuets. so how would a quater of hash make me permanently retarded? I said it was equal to the mushroom trip and I didnt smoke for months afterward, and i still cant smoke today more than a hit without having anxiety/panic attacks. the 200 mushrooms which consisted of 15 hours of muscle ripping anxiety was a estimate, it could have been 150 or it could have been 250, I know it was WELL over 100. My friends found me naked with a loaf of bread and my long bord down by a pond. I live in florida next to a million cow feilds. Id say I have tripped once or twice in my days :). Ive only been more fucked up once in my life, and that was those mushroms. Being really high on hash and really fucked up on mushrooms can be a equal level of craziness to me. I don't believe that mushrooms will always get you more fucked up than hash, if you have the right amount of hash. I also think LSD is in a different category than mushrooms, as LSD is more visual than shrooms, and shrooms are more "in your head" than LSD. Hash is more dense than bud so It visualy looks like less, think in your mind, you imagining a quater size bag of hash.....
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    ^ hahaha

    that was hilarious

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