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1/2 oz of Blue Dream

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PublicEnemy20, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. got it for $150.
    What do you guys think?

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  2. *thumbs up*

    a very memorable strain you got there.
  3. Nice. I love me some Blue Dream!
  4. Thanks man, it's pretty underrated in my humble opinion. I smoked it last night and I gotta admit, I liked it better than the ak-47 I had prior.
  5. Its not the best batch of blue dream ive ever seen but if you are in a non medical state then its probably dank as fuck.

    Its really one of my favorite strains to smoke out at night when going out, always get a nice energetic buzz, very sativa for me even though its technically a hybrid.
  6. maybe in your area but blue dream is a very well known strain, so I love when it's in town

  7. I'm in AZ, and yeah, I agree on the energetic buzz, no tells of indica for me.
  8. blue dream is a personal favorite. The batch i got though was dark green with red hairs everywhere and it smelld fruity when u broke it up. ANd a MAJOR head high lol
  9. I agree.
    80/20 Sativa.
    There's just enough Indica in it to knock my pain out without the couch-lock, which I hate.
  10. Blue Dream and Sour D are basically the only two strains that come around here. Weed around here is so shitty.

  11. Those are two pretty good strains to have in your city man.
  12. One of my favorite strains. It's looking rather frosty btw

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  13. You say it like it's a bad thing lol
  14. Lol not sure how you got anything negative from that

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  15. decent price. there useto be loads of blue dream in my town i miss that strain
  16. Looks pretty good. Not the prettiest bd, but it definitely looks like it. One of the few strains you can easily tell from looks.

    Damn do I miss that strain.
  17. Was gonna say that looks more like a half.. Then I read the title

  18. Ha yeah I got it from the dispensary and that was the best price I could get
  19. Good shit man. I love Blue Dream. Gosh, I cant wait for this forced t break to be over.

  20. Why the forced tbreak?

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