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1/2 oz for $150

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kanibal rabbit, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. in a few days i'll be expecting a delivery. havent bought this much weed in a long time. since things do change over the years, what quality should I be expecting to get?
  2. Since its probably schwag, you should probably be expecting a blowjob.
  3. How are you getting it? By the mail? I'd pay 150 for a half oz of kill anyday
  4. if it turns out to be schwag then i'll just not pay for though its pretty unlikely cuz the guy comes recomened from a trusted source and long time toker. i'll send somone to pick it up as I dont leave the house much these days and it will be brought to me.
  5. who would pay 150 for a 1/2 oz of schwagg?
  6. Your bud should be pretty bomb :)
  7. Thats about a normal price for "Kind bud" which usaly goes for a bout $300 an Oz. aka $150 a half around my neck-of-the-woods but if it's schwag then you have an asshole friend and I prob. wouldn't fuck with him on the weed-tip no more!
    but $150 for a mid-high grade of "KB's" is normal.

  8. Where I am from 150 for a half you should be getting some decent stuff. Nothing fantastic I would imagine but some decent mids.
  9. Make sure you trust the middle man entirely, and that he knows not to buy it if it's not good, I'm tired of seeing the "I got ripped off!" threads where they used a middle man.

    Would always rather go get it myself than use a middle man, $150 for a half around here would be some pretty decent stuff, not the greatest, but definitely not anywhere near bad :)

  10. kine bud.
  11. well the middle man is my brother, so I dont think he'll fuck me over on a deal. but if he does i'll just tell mom. I cant kick his ass cuz hes bigger and stronger than me and ever since seeing him sever a guys bottom lip with a punch, kinda puts me off on trying.

    was kinda hoping to get some really good dank for that price. a lot sure has changed since I stopped smoking 7 years ago. woah this oxy is starting to peak I better go smoke a bowl.:hippie:
  12. You're probably going to get beasters, but 150 for a half of beasters is standard around my way, you can get it for as low as 120, but if your going about it this way $150 is a good price.
  13. Lol, tell mom, how old are you? :p

    Since he's your brother I guess you can trust him, enjoy your high man! :smoke:
  14. thats what i was

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