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1/2 oz Blue Dream + New Glass

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by mc yum yum, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. What better place than my favorite thread for my 420th post.
    Heres a half of the Blue Dream i picked up tonight, paid $160. Very dense and super stinky nugs. 
    And also the new Phire Legacy stemless triple disc diffuser that i picked up from the local headshop. Hits absolutely amazing


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  2. Looks like someone's gonna have a good night :bongin:
    How much for the bong? I'm curious

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  3. proper piece! ahhhh... I remember those glass re-ups accompanied by a new sack of weed.... greatest time of ya life!
  4. The bong was $275, well worth it ! 
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    Looks nice man! very similar to the blue dream i get up here in new england
    and it Yields over 20% in oil with a Butane Extraction 
    i pay about $7 a gram for the buds.

    Edit: i like the bong too man looks like it would stack bubbles nice!
    happy tokin
  6. Nice pickups my friend.  Blue Dream is my favorite...that glass looks legit!
  7. It does look very similar. You get really good prices over there in new England.smoke on!
  8. good prices in new england?  4 states are legal medical and 160 for a half is not really a big deal.  nice buds anyways and nice glass. enjoy
  9. I typically get an oz for 280 and half for 160. In my area these are pretty good prices. Its smokes amazing as well so i'm happy
  10. Of all the blue dream ive smoked, they actually all look really similar, and ive had different cuts haha. And you just know its blue dream when it looks like that and has that special blue dream smell

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  11. I love the Blue dream smell, by far one of my favorites!
  12. Some Master Kush. It has a very sour smell but smokes awesome 

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  13. How's the high you get from blue dream like?
  14. very cerebral, basically find a couch quick cause your not going anywhere haha
  15. #15 Chris617, Feb 25, 2014
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    What state in New England? My blue dream looked the exact same in MA. I wish I could get bud for $7/g
  16. Haha that's the best in my opinion!
  17. #17 I'm Ron Burgundy?, Feb 25, 2014
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  18. thats it brother! the 7/g price is when i cawp qp and up tho

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