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1/2 Oz. (at least) of vaped weed... Cannabutter?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by xenith, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. So yeah I have a pretty decent amount of vaped weed along with a few stems shake etc, just wondering if that would be enough to do cannabutter and like a batch of cookies? Thanks.
  2. its enough for atleast two people
  3. Make cannabis oil.
  4. Would it really be enough to do an oil or hash run?
  5. depends. Did you use only dank? You could make "Brown Dragon" It's somewhat like Green Dragon. It's like an alcoholic thc tincture.
  6. That sounds disgusting haha
  7. Yeah as long as it was good weed I've done it before. It works fine.

  8. haha oh you can believe me it is absolutely disgusting haha...i just made some with about 4 oz of everclear and 6 gs of vaped and this stuff tastes like grass in a fat clowns just gunna out droppers of it on my bud and let the alcohol evap off to make the bud more potent then vape it cause drinkin this shit is grooooss
  9. what i meant by oil was cooking oil! lol grab some vegetable oil and throw it in that. heat on low and put back in the bottle or a jar. let sit for a week or two. it SHOULD smell like green.:hello:
  10. This put it in a 1/3 cup and simmer it up then put it in a blueberry muffin mix make a cake. you wont be disappointed.

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