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1/2 ounce of Central Coast California FIRE! (Macro)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Ikoniak, May 12, 2010.

  1. Just picked up some of this "Bubblegum". I got a great deal of 1/2 ounce of this fire, for only 150.

    Tastes very sweet, like bubblegum. Following that, you get an intense body high, associated with a nice head lift. Perfect blend of Sativa/Indica.

    Smells almost like Juicyfruit.

    So I thought I would share this unbelievable pickup with my fellow blades!






  2. Feels like Christmas already :rolleyes:
  3. good looks mane, keep it up
  4. Damn thats nice and dank!
  5. Ayi ayi ayi that looks fire as fuck. Enjoy :)
  6. dammm that looks FROSTY!! i need to go to cali :D
  7. for FREE! it looks like santa just came to town!
  8. fiiirreeeeee
  9. looks really bomb. i love bubblegum. way to rep the area
  10. Those pics are jack off worthy. Oh my goodness! How much did that cost??
  11. well if you learned how to read....check out the first line
  12. ^ True that CC!

    That is some of the frostiest bud I have ever seen. Great white shark is super frosty but dang!
  13. Thanks for the props guys. Off to smoke another bowl of this snowy goodness. :smoking:
  14. hell yeah stay on that frost!
  15. thats some funk... I believe some rep is in order.
  16. good shit bro. what camera do you have. those pics are crisp.
  17. delicious, jealous, nice pick-up, what else is there to say...+rep
  18. thats whats up right there
  19. That deserves a way big WOW! Thanks for sharing your good fortune my friend.
  20. damn looks, the smoke sounds good to i'm gonna have to try to find some bubblegum now shit

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