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1/2 lb dank pricing

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jism2112003, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Hi guys I was just wondering how much would you guys pay for 1/2 a lb of dank? Because I can get it for 'lil over 160 an OZ. How 'bout you guys?
  2. 160 an oz is word pretty much anywhere in the US. canada would be a different story, if youre there.
  3. Depends on how "dank" the dank really is...
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    Like $1250 if you pay 160/Oz.
    Might be a little less though.

    Where I'm from it's like $280 an ounce so idk for sure.
  5. Well.. I'm in Southern Oregon/Northern Cali area. And the Dank quality is well..Great. I'll take a pic of the nug I have left when I can.
  6. 1200$ to 1500 depending on quality I would never pay more than 1500$
  7. dro is $300 an ounce in south texas
  8. I always thought it was more expensive in Cali?
    Unless your like homies with the grower or your dealer and got like some homie hookup or something..
  9. i get em for 1050 :)
  10. 160 an ounce sounds very low, even if your getting it directly from the grower.As stated above, just depends on how "Dank" it really is, if its really that dank it would go for more an oz which would be more a pound. Here I get a half pound for 1750 of the sweet sticky skunky bud.
  11. if you have to ask this question then you aren't ready to be buying a half pound....

  12. hahah:smoke:
  13. welcome to south dakota!!! 350-420 a zip of the nuggies...goddamn
  14. I'm in the central valley and I can get a 1/2 lb of some straight sticky icky from local growers for about 1000. If not from them, usually 1400-1600 from a dealer with medical-quality stuff.

  15. i definitely agree lol

  16. hm really? i pay $120 for 1/4 of ounce would be like $400 or more and usually not many quant. discounts...
  17. How is the pheasant hunting in your area? Been meaning to hunt south dakota at some point. I am from california so its a bit of a drive but worth it from what I hear
  18. Friends aunt just grew it. 16 lbs to be exact. And No pics.. sorry but it's very nice. KC-36 very nice sativa high. I'll post pics when I can but the camera is broken :(. Sell's Oz's for 200 but 160 when 1/2 or more.

  19. Preach it !!!

    haha :smoke:
  20. I know outdoor growers who sell for around that price. Get ready to hear the kiddies calling you a liar though. I believe it.

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