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1:1 CBD/THC Edibles - doses?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by b_C, Oct 29, 2022.

  1. I've never made 1:1 ratio edibles before, but i've just harvested a 1:1 strain so will soon be making some.

    does the equal amount of CBD negate the effects of THC a lot? my preferred dose for a THC edible is around 15mg, would a 15mg CBD 15mg THC edible feel a lot different? would I need to up the dose to get similar effects?

    Thanks in advance, my yield wasn't what I was hoping for so don't want to waste it.
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  2. I think it depends on the sources. Cannatonic #4, a high cbd plant that i grew acted way different in edibles than cbd isolate. It may have been the terpenes in the cannatonic and lack of terpenes in the isolate. At least thats what i think it was.

    You may have to rely on trial and error to dial it in. Maybe start with small amounts that you can scale up.
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  3. thank you. it's 'CBD Lemon Auto' from herbies. apparently up to 17% cbd/thc. small yielder.

    you're right, easiest way would be to make some single serves. was hoping to get an idea but yeah
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  4. When I do dispensary Presstabs- 10 mg THC:5 mg CBD- I usually don't get a buzz. That much CBD negates my high. I'd like to try a 1:1 strain for anxiety.
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  5. I use cultivars like this all the time
    Two favorites are fractal boxes and thunder struck

    I use these in edibles for sleep and relaxation
    When infused into coconut or mct oil it has a nice sedate effect
    However when I vape the flower I don't get high but rather a relaxed but able to respond feeling
    Perfect for having to tolerate the general public
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  6. yeah I'm a fan of CBD dominant strains as well, recently grew Solomatic from RQS - was a nice change. However I used most of it to make oil for my unwell mother.

    Few more days and i'll be able to start testing this 1:1 out
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  7. My wife uses the the thunder struck chocolates I make for sleep
    She does not use substances of any kind so this is a big leap
    Reports occasional lethargy when her dose is a little high but no lingering sensations or intoxication
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