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Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, May 5, 2006.

  1. Hold on... Lemme rip the bong for this special occasion. :bongin: :bongin: Now its your turn...

    Aight, I finnally made it GC, I hit 1,000 posts. Its been a long time comnig. A year and a half or so. I've seen members come n go, I've seen alot of phases n changes in the City over the time ive been here and the time i spent lurking here.

    But i joined up awhile ago and im here to stay.

    Ive got to know alot of people i wouldve never known otherwise.

    And i feel proud of myself for inspiring and entertaining fellow members of the board with my lifestyle and things i go thruogh. And i respect all who have done so for me.

    And BTW. :gc_rocks:
  2. congrats KSR. ill devote a bowl tomorrow night to this :smoke: but til then......a congrats is all i got for ya :smoke:
  3. yeah man :smoke:

    i just hit my 1000th last week. feels great cuz now i feel like one of the big dogs rinning the show :)

    all outta fire but i have some klonopin to make up for it
  4. Congrat's man... I am blazing a fat bowl later tonight, to christen my new stem for my bong. It goes out to all of GC
  5. Congrats man. I'm about to drive to Little Caesers, go to the gas station to get some cigs, and then I'm coming back here and blazing a fat bowl, probably followed by more hell yeah keep smokin
  6. Congrats, bro.

    You stay around GC, you here?

    I just rolled a nice 1.5 joint. Gonna spark it in a few, going to go throw a pizza in the oven.

    All set.

    Rep +
  7. Here's, to 1000 more! :smoking:
  8. congrats i will puff some cheeba for ya :hello::smoking:
  9. very cool. congrats man
  10. :bongin:

  11. Word congrats, you're a chill dude Reefa
  12. congrats dude! :hello:
  13. Congrats, KSR!!! We love your posts, keep em comin! :hello:
  14. good shit KSR, here is to another 1000. :bongin:
  15. haha nice man! just got here today lol. congrats!
  16. congrats KSR.

    your stories are awesome. i always read it from top to bottom.

    keep em coming.

    i'll rip a bong for you tonight when i get off work.

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