07 gmc canyon, check engine light and reduced power

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  1. Well im getting some trouble out of my truck, thought i might post here,
    Its always ran great with the exception of a few warrantied parts and recalls but today when i went to get out and about, my truck was running rough, my check engine light popped up and displayed that it was in a "reduced power". my truck is limited to about 2k rpm and is running like a snail, and the idle is really rough.
    theres no vac. leaks, the mass air is fine, the battery is good, so are my spark plugs and wires :confused: I read online it could be the accelerator pedal position is out of spec, or it may be the injectors. I have a bad feeling its gonna be a short some where thats going to be a bitch to get to or even find.
    anyone else ever heard of this? im gonna screw with it until monday and if i cant fix it suck it up and pay someone else to do it :mad: i hate other people working on my trucks.

  2. I'd say your first step is to read the code. That should at least narrow it down a bit.

    Any autozone should do it for free.

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  3. You already checked everything I was gonna suggest. Was this sudden, or did performance slowly get worse until this happened?
  4. very sudden, It was fine all day until it sat for a while.  I used to have my own diagnostic equipment but not anymore.
    after some more research it seems the 07 is in some cases prone to a crack in the crank vent, which can cause either all kinds of false codes or no error codes when scanned. im going to check that out ill have access to a lift tomorrow so i can give it a better look.
    seems like right at 5k over the warranty miles its going to shit, brake light switches, anti theft got triggered and locked it up, fuel pump, now this lol.
  5. Change the fuel filter......you're welcome...
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    i changed it last service. along with other filters. everything there is good.
  7. Check your timing if you can, jumped timing will be very sudden and cause the problems you've listed. But I'd start with checking the code as well as pulling realtime data. You can buy a usb hookup that will plug into your laptop and you can see all the codes, fuel air data etc etc. You will at least be able to narrow it down to fuel, air or spark with that.
    When I have a problem I can't figure out and I don't have the tools to diagnose I take it to a mechanic and let them diagnose it for a nominal fee (if they charge me at all, pays to be good to your mechanic) and I'll fix it myself.
  8. Could it be your cat converter? Had something similar happen to a friend of mines car and thats what it ended up being.

  9. Throttle position sensor.....could be caused by low battery voltage...
  10. Whats the code read?
    My 2 guesses are 02 sensor or mass air flow sensor. I'm just pulling this out of my arse!
  11. How recent was the fuel pump replacement? Could be that it's not sending enough fuel, by either the new pump or the APP sensor. You could run a fuel pressure test. Should only be $40 or so for a vacuum gauge, some cars you just tap right into the fuel rail through a port, others you have to test by removing the line to the fuel filter and testing between the two.
    That will be able to tell you if it's a fuel issue, but I don't believe it'll rule out the injectors. Another thing you could do is use a voltmeter with an amp setting and make sure the fuel pump is getting enough power (only reason I'm thinking the pump is because you mentioned a new one).

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