01/31 pick of the day

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by debbie888, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. Oklahoma City Thunder -8.5

    warriors just too much of a hit or miss team, and completely inconsistent on the road, Thunder should cruise
  2. and by the way, I've been posting all my picks on my sports website everyday for the past 3 seasons. I've had a successful season record so far

    NBA Records
    Spread \t\t\t\t
    Units \tWin \tLoss \tWin% \tTotal Units
    5 \t63 \t46 \t58% \t+85
    4 \t41 \t26 \t61% \t+60
    3 \t43 \t34 \t56% \t+27
    2 \t58 \t49 \t54% \t+18
    1 \t124 \t132 \t48% \t-8
    Total: \t329 \t287 \t53% \t+182
    Over/Under \t\t\t\t
    Units \tWin \tLoss \tWin% \tTotal Units
    5 \t20 \t14 \t59% \t+30
    4 \t17 \t12 \t59% \t+20
    3 \t37 \t32 \t54% \t+15
    2 \t78 \t63 \t55% \t+30
    1 \t167 \t154 \t52% \t+13
    Total: \t319 \t275 \t54% \t+108
  3. let's try again...i personally had OKC -8 yesterday and pushed.

    Utah -4 is my pick of the day today over the Mavs
  4. easy win yesterday on Jazz

    today...ride the hottest team in NBA....Memphis +10.5 at cleveland

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