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007 Drug Dealers...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LivingForOnce, May 25, 2013.

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    Does anyone else dealer use disguises to deliver bud? This mofo has dressed as the mail man (rang my bell and left my bud in the mail box), a Jehovah's Witness (early drop), Pizza man (bag with a Soda pop and bud) and even posed as a lawncare worker today. I know the cops are cracking down on people in Chicago lately but goddamn lol.

    Edit: Funny thing about today was that I didn't even know it was him until he told me (I usually recognize that it's him).
  2. Lolwut. If he's doing all that because he's seriously paranoid, then I guess it's kinda weird, but if he's doing it half jokingly then that's actually kinda awesome
  3. Maybe he's having fun with it. Probably masturbates in the car on his way over... you don't shake his hand or anything do you?
  4. Who knows I mean he sounds paranoid as helllll but maybe this guy is pushing lbs for all we know. In that case I would be paranoid too but damn disguises? This isn't Scooby Doo.
  5. Lol that nigga crazy. Bring backpack, invited in, inside handoff, done

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  6. Really? lol I'd love to have a dealer like that!
  7. This dude sounds like a boss to me. 
  8. He's the shit. I'd pay more to see a really cool disguise and have it delivered to me in an unexpected way....
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    I think this is how I would respond if my dealer did some of that gene parmesan shit

    For the gif:

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  10. Lol that is fucking hilarious. Would love it if my drug dealer did that it would have me cracking up everytime i buy weed.
  11. You should be lucky you're not dealing with a sketchy person. I'd say you should keep going to him if he's throwing good deals. There's no harm in playing it safe, he's smart with what he's doing
  12. Not until I arrive ;). He sounds seriously paranoid!
    Exactly my thoughts when reading this. Paranoid? Maybe, but you should be happy that:
    1. You're still getting bud
    2. You're getting bud in good presentation, you get to see him in a bunch of goofy outfits, I would literally lmfao everytime he delivered.
    3. He's the one who is dressing up, what harm is that to you? Be happy that you're drug dealer is playing it so safe that the cops will never suspect anything is up.
    Paranoid? I call that a damn good drug dealer. What do you have against 007 anyway? jk
  14. Dealing is not worth going to jail over so if he is taking extra precaution and doing that more power to him. At least we know he isn't some lazy stoner who has 20 cars in and out of his house in five minutes all day long. Hes being safe and even though it sounds ridiculous hes being careful.
  15. OP's dealer
  16. So your dealer wears disguises.....where did i see this before???
    Saul: What's up with the suit?
    Dale Denton: Oh, I'm a process server, so I have to wear a suit.
    Saul: Wow, you're a servant? Like a butler? A chauffeur?
    Dale Denton: No, no. What? No, I'm not like-...
    Saul: Shine shoes?
    Dale Denton: I'm a *process server*!
  17. Not usually. My Dealer usually just drives up.
  18. Not a bad idea. I bet it works...
  19. His dealer is like this. :smoke:
  20. That's pretty admirable. Better safe than sorry. Better than these meet and greets at car windows on the street or having someone come in for less than five minutes.

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