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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by decaturpolice, May 17, 2006.

  1. My friend and I, having been stoners for about a year, have recently decided to begin a non-serious grow project. We began by collecting some bagseed, and eventually we set them out to germinate. During that time, we explored through our town to find an inconspicuous and well-concealed spot to grow - and we struck gold. We managed to find a thicket by some railroad tracks that NO ONE ever goes by (trust me), with a gaping hole from above to let sun through, and enough coverage to protect from strong winds! lol, we even fashioned a sliding door for our little location out of bundled sticks and branches.

    When our little seedlings were ready for action (after using the ziploc/paper towel method), we broke out the Dixie cups. So, right now, we have six individual sprouts (more are still germinating) sitting in the wild. So far, our project has been completely free of cost (so if it ends up a failure it won't be that devastating). We used soil from his backyard lawn, we hand-filtered it for bugs and etc, and it really does look pretty rich.

    My question is, do you have any suggestions for additives we can mix in with our water/soil, that are either very low-cost or able to be found around the house? Also, how much water should we apply to each cup at this early stage, at a time? How often should we water?

    If anyone has some additional advice from experiences similar to mine or whatever, or general outdoor growing on a ridiculously low-budget, it's all much-appreciated. Thanks. :smoking:
  2. We'll I don't know how much soil you took from your friends backyard.. because they need alot of soil when they big, make sure the soil you planted in is good aswell.
  3. Thanks, Devil, I learned a LOT from that site. But is it really necessary for me to find water-holding soil stuff if I'm available to water it often?
  4. Hey, this is pretty much the same thing I am doing right now! Except I just germinated my seeds and planted them (around 50). And I planted next to a farmer's field right next to the treeline. I can't wait to here about your progress.
  5. Bagseed can be OK. If you enjoyed the smoke, bagseed will grow you some more of the same.
  6. my grow has been free of cost up to now, but it were to fail i would be pissed off to say the least. they're still your babies!
  7. Yeah, what am I saying? We put a shitload of time and effort into this project, if it was a failure I would be very upset, but not as upset as I would be if I invested some cash into this. I will keep you guys posted on their journey in the wild!

    Not like I'm expecting to grow some fire dank out of this or anything. We're just hoping to, one day, be able to bask in the glory of rolling our own SELF-GROWN bud! Seriously just think how incredible that sounds, mids or dank or whatever it may be, just knowing that you were able to accomplish the feat that few stoners have done before, producing a succesful grow in the great outdoors. We've done our homework, so we're going to make sure to dry & cure properly, and harvest a bit early for full THC potential, so even if it's not the highest-quality green it's going to be well prepared.

    Maybe one day, if our current expedition proves succesful, we will move on to bigger and better grows. :smoking:
  8. Good luck to your enterprise.
  9. yes good look to you. I know if you plant now and there is enough light, by the end of the growing season you will have som huge plants and you will have to tie them down.​
  10. Wait, "tie them down?" What do you mean by that?
  11. he means LST low stress training, but don't worry bout that till you have 3 ft plants, right now find some large pots and plant in those, your dixie cups will dry out too quick, invest in some potting soil and fertilizer, good luck.
  12. water every 2 days or so when the soil is dry. each time you water do it thoroughly. you should've made holes in the bottoms of the cups for drainage if you haven't. after about a week when the plants start forming their second set of true leaves, transplant them in bigger containers or in the ground. you shouldn't leave them in the cups any longer than that. I did and some of the transplants didn't go so welll because of how big the root systems were even after 2 weeks. hopefully no animals eat your small babies. i've had animals much on my sprouts before when i had them outside too soon. :/
  13. Growing on my roof terrace I thought I was safe from animals, but next door´s fucking cat has had a chew on some of my babies.
  14. Of course, we made sure to poke in a few drainage holes underneath all of our cups. We have a few larger pots ready, but they're still very young. They've only been in the soil for about 5 days (or at least our original 6, as of now we have 6 newly added seedlings in their own cups, they've only been in soil since yesterday). We're trying to keep it to a manageable minimum of 12. Does anyone know, assuming that we make visits every other day and take careful attendance to our plants, what the general rate of success is for 12 plants? Like what's the survival ratio?

    That brings me to another question. How much should we be watering our cups, if we visit every other day? Here, I'll ask it in this way: Imagine the size of the average smaller-sized dixie cup. If we were to fill a cup of the same size with water for our plants, how much should we fill it to in order to water one plant? That will give me a general idea of how much to give each of our sprouts, because I hear that overwatering can lead to demise, and underwatering can never be good.

    Thanks for the luck, we'll hopefully be posting some photos from my friend's cameraphone as soon as possible.
  15. Im on a free grow also right now. Used some potting soil in the garage. started in an egg carton, 12 seeds planted. Not going so well considering 1 sprouted 2 weeks in
  16. Basically tie the top of the plant to something fixed at a lower level, and bend her over. I use garden twine and a heavy brick.

    It increases yield, each branch acts like the main cola. And is stealthy, lowers the height of the plant and breaks up the Xmas tree shape.
  17. hey dude, overwatering is way worse than underwatering. It doesnt bounce back as easy. Let it dry out before you water again. Oh yeah dont water in the heat of the day, water in the morning or at night. the water evaporates out of the soil if you water in the morning, and the plant wont get to soak up as much nice cool water like it would if you watered at night.
    its ur plant though water it whenever you want :p
  18. i planted mine on a sunny day 2 weeks ago. the next few days were also sunny. And every day since has been rain. Can this cause total death?
  19. as long as there is still light in the day and they dont get battered about too much then i shouldnt imagine they'd die

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