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  1. Am I the only one that thinks it is naive of all of us MJ supporters to say that there has never been a single death related to pot? I have almost no doubt that there have been car accidents where MJ played a very significant role. And while I agree with the research that it is almost impossible to overdose on it, it is also a drug and almost every drug has people who have sever allergic reactions to it. I would be incredibly surprised if there was never a single person who died of a allergic reaction to MJ.

    I don't want to sound like I am against MJ legalization cause I definitely feel that is is much safer than tobacco and alcohol doesn't even compare to it. Alcohol is so much worse than MJ that I don't know where to start.
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    the plant itself has never caused a death. what people do while under the influence of the drug cannot be blamed on the drug itself.

    and most police officers will say that car accidents in which marijuana was involved also involve alcohol most of the time. i'm confident that it is very rare for someone to get in a fatal car accident and marijuana is the only thing in their systems. if it happened regularly don't you think it would be publicized a bit by someone?
  3. It might be publicized but at the same time it might not get all that publicized and most of the alcohol statistics we are so fond of throwing out there include the motor vehicle accidents.

    And when you say the plant itself has never caused a death, do you believe that there have never been any allergic reactions that resulted in death? Across millions of people who try it? I know people who have incredible sever reactions to some pretty random things. I would be insanely surprised if no one was allergic to chemicals found in MJ.
  4. I think if there had been a case where an allergic reaction to marijuana had happened it would've been plastered all over just to prove a point as to why marijuana should be illegal. So, yes, I truly believe nobody has died from the plant itself.

    As for car accidents, there was a kid from my area, just recently who was in a car accident and died. They blamed it solely on marijuana because he had THC present in his system at time of death. What they did not say was that this kid was an avid user of pot and was well aware of the effects it had on him so I'm a little skeptical to believe that the pot is what caused him to crash.

    I don't believe it really is related to any deaths. It does slow motor functions, but it doesn't altar your state enough to make you functionally retarded. :D

    That's just how I feel though.
  5. I personally think MJ can make you to impared to drive and that people probally have crashed just high as shit not paying attention. so I disagree with you Girlys on that point. But on the side of some one just smoking pot and then dying. NEVER heard of it or been able to find any documentation of it.

  6. What if the person hadn't even smoked pot that day? They just had THC in their system from the day before or even hours before?

    The crash is all of a sudden blamed on weed because that person had it present in their system. I just don't believe it.

    Until they come up with a solid test to prove that the person was high at point of impact I will refuse to believe marijuana has caused any car crashes to date.
  7. Accidents happen for lots of different reasons. Even stone cold drivers make mistakes and have accidents, should we make being sober a crime?

    No one has ever died just from consuming marijuana. Compare that to tobacco which kills 400,000 people in this country every year, and alcohol which kills 60,000 people in this country annually simply from drinking themselves to death (100,000 deaths are caused by alcohol annually if you include druken drivers).

    Marijuana doesn't cause cancer, heart disease, brain damage or domestic violence. Alcohol causes all of these.
  8. I drive slower when I am high. Also, I am not affected by road rage as easily.
  9. The thing about stoned drivers is we know we're impaired. Most times we'll just not drive at all until we feel up to it, if we do have to drive we'll do so carefully and slowly.
  10. Marijuana can not kill you on it's own. To die where marijuana played a role there needs to be something else that causes it, normally stupidity. If someone gets in a car accident because they did something stupid behind the wheel we don't blame the car. Stupid is stupid, marijuana doesn't make you become stupid, you already are and happen to smoke marijuana.

    Sure has someone gotten baked, drove, crashed, and died. I'm sure, but that isn't the fault of the marijuana it's the fault of the person who was dumb enough to do it.

    But even those numbers must be incredibly low because if they weren't the anti-drug commercials would be shoving those numbers down our throats. In fact the studies I have seen indicate the vast majority of traffic incidents that test positive for marijuana almost always have another drug (normally alcohol) in their system as well.

  11. If you the US government and my Insurance company tell me that Marijuana has yet to cause a death, well I'm not going to fuckin argue :cool:
  12. yeah...i never chose to drive high. but my buddy when sober drives 20 over, when stoned he drives about 5 under and drives better. ive never operated a car drunk, but im pretty sure when i was a youngin my dad had a couple brews in his system
  13. One coroner in the U.K. ruled that some guy's death was caused by marijuana. But he based his ruling on the fact that he couldn't find any cause of death so since the guy had smoked some herb that day that must've been it.

    It was of course a complete bs ruling and was thoroughly rebuked by all his peers.

    Drug WarRant

  14. Marijuana impairs your ability to drive less than prescription pain killers, though i drive high cause i know how the high effects me if you're new to smoking Don't drive I don't think driving high is that dangerous since most stoners are more paranoid about their speed
  15. It's not the fact that WE the supporters are the only ones saying this...people against the legalization can't come up with an answer either

  16. once again if any death could legitimately be blamed only on weed it would be plastered on every street corner. or at the very least it would be a subject of the anti-weed commercials. if marijuana can ever be pointed to as the cause of a death we will all know about it.
  17. That's true.

    Everytime there's been even a suspicion that marijuana's caused a death it's been all over the MJ boards. The one thing we don't do is stick our heads in the sand and refuse to talk about the harmful side of marijuana.

    We know it's safe because we're willing to accept evidence of its harmfulness. It's just very very little can be found.
  18. I know some people who just cant drive high. Usually if you're a shitty driver sober you're gonna be really shitty high. Don't mean to stereotype but most girls i know cant drive high.

    but myself personally it has absolutly zero negative impact on my driving unless im completely fucked up. probably a better driver high than sober.
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    I do want to point out that this is the exact reasoning a lot of drunk drivers use as well. The whole "I drive more carefully when I am impaired" is a very flawed argument.

    as for evidence against driving and MJ, I did a quick google search and came up with


    with just a couple of minutes. Plus a large number pointing out a loss of judgment in emergency situations as well as slower response time.
  20. Yeah some people are shitty drivers all the time but me and my girlfriend have been driving high for at least 2 years now. i'm not saying that everyone should drive high cause it changes from person to person but the impairment cause by weed is nowhere near that of alcohol. So i don't think anyone should put those on the same level

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