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0.3g Lemon Haze in MFLB enough to get me high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by huzi, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. I've just been on a more than 1 week tbreak and my MFLB is coming in the post today! :D
    I've only got 0.3g lemon haze (my stash leftovers-a few stems)... will that me enough to get me high using the MFLB?
  2. yes... if u've been on a break for a week you will most likely get high. My tolerance is fairly high right now as i've been smoking every day for a long time, and .3 can get me pretty baked for at least an hour or 2
  3. Oh that's great! thanks :smoke:
  4. Grind it SUPER fine - I can't stress this enough. As well, a very slow, steady breath is key to a nice smooth hit. :D

    I've had mine for months, kinda liked it at first but stopped using it. Recently I've gotten the technique down pat and I get very nice hits. Once after a midnight shift at work, I was lying on my couch and actually forgot where I was.

    Kinda baked now, just picked up a half o of some diesel for $100. Kinda pricy considering it's $110 for PK as well. (I'm simply quoting my dealer here - I am not going to guarantee these strains, nor does it matter, it's dank.) Smoked a couple bowls outta my pipe. (Bong and vape aren't with me right now)

    K wtf... I just wrote a lot more than I meant; I digressed a little. ;)
  5. Thanks for the advice bro :D
    You're lucky- half an ounce here in london costs me at least £80... that's about $130 :eek:
  6. haha yeah dude! 0.15 of that in a mflb would get pretty high, .3? absolutely baked, just like BC BUDz said, grind fine, hold your hits in and dont forget to shake the box. haha enjoy :bongin:
  7. [quote name='"huzi"']

    Thanks for the advice bro :D
    You're lucky- half an ounce here in london costs me at least £80... that's about $130 :eek:[/quote]

    go to the east coast.
  8. dont forget to pinch it.....after about treee or so hits from the MFLB I take out the weed pinch it up (Grind it back and fourth with your fingers) and put it back in this works great if you r weed isnt that ground up enoygh to begin with but I grind twice and I still pinch it sooooo
  9. 3-4 trenches of dank.... yes you will be baked. I had super lemon haze before was some of the best shit I ever smoked.
  10. Should be just rip it and ghost the entire hits to the head
  11. Your going to get baked as fuck with .3! I can't even vape 75% of .3 without getting to high to even know how to hit the time I even forgot what the box was...
  12. Just smoke it, .3 with a shitty MFLB and you won't even get high. Maybe a buzz. Gravity bong that shit and get super ripped instead of puffing on air and having a 30 minute buzz.

  13. Have you ever even used a MFLB? .3 in a gravity bong can't go near .3 in a MFLB!

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