0, 10, 10... Is that good for flowering?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by thenewkevsters, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. I started out with organic soil. I'm still in veg stage but went to the store to get a PH tester and wanted to get some plant food as well for when i go to flowering.
  2. that will be ok, just watch out for nitrogen def. signs

    when/if it appears, throw something with a little N into the mix
  3. well, what would be the recommended levels be at for it?
  4. anyone? cause i can exchange it for somthing eles.
  5. First off, you should be concerned with the ratios of these numbers, not the specific values. The numbers represent percentages of the fert itself, but then it will have directions for mixing with water. So, if one fert is 5-10-10 and another is 10-20-20 their ratios are the same. If the directions for the first of those says mix 2 teaspoons per gallon and the directions for the second says mix 2 teaspoon per gallon, then these ferts are delivering very much the same nutrients, in about the same amounts and in the same proportions.

    Specifically to your question, there is no single ratio that is agreed upon as the right or recommended one. But there are some general parameters, namely that for veg you want the nitrogen (first number) to be equal or higher than the others, and for flower you want the N to be lower than the others.

    So that 0-10-10 is definitely a flowering fert, but as amoril was saying I would prefer a fert that has some N in it or you risk a nitrogen deficiency in flowering.
  6. ok. I think im just going to get fox farms big bloom and return my other stuff then. better idea?

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