☮ First time grow, need guidance ☮ (attempted journal)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by hot cheetos, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. Ughhhhhhhh Its crazy man.

    Ebb and Flow system costs me about 1500 out the door. Trays, reservoirs, lids, pumps, buckets, and coco grow medium. Whereas the Flo-N-Gro system costs me 583 out the door.

    Logically when I think about it, Flo n Gro is literally the same exact thing as an Ebb and Flow tray system, but more efficient and smarter. At the end of the day the goal is to fill up the buckets from the bottom up, then drain. One system flood an entire tray as a means of flooding the buckets that are sitting in the tray, the other system just floods the individual buckets without using all that extra water in empty spaces.

    What are your thoughts guys? The "Ebb n Grow", "Flo N Gro", etc...all these systems don't seem popular at all. What gives..

  2. Being a first time grow , don't you tnink this might be over complicating and spending a lot of money for something you might not enjoy doing or have circumstances changing ?

    I'm no expert far from it but for a first grow i just think it would make sense to buy a couple of seeds and start off small ,


  3. I would be spending more money if I started small. I am allowed 100sqft canopy so no matter what I'm going to upgrade to a 10x10 and grow a 100sqft canopy. What would I do with the old "smaller" set up? Before you say veg room, I've already got that. Might as well set it up for the final set-up and not waste money starting small. The only thing I'd be risking is the 16 plants. And a higher electrical bill I suppose.

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