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    Whats up everyone,

    I'm going to be starting my first grow and I'm going to be taking a big bite. 10x10 tent with 4 1000w HPS. 16 DWC stand-alone buckets, scrogged. I'm going to need guidance. I will also attempt to document the process.

    Here is my shopping cart from growershouse thus far:

    4x Solis Tek 1000w
    4x Radiant 6 inch
    4x Hortilux super 1000w HPS

    Weak, I know. Reason I started this thread so early is because im stuck on ducting. For a 10x10 would I need to go bigger than 6 inch? 8 or 10 inch maybe? Thats my first question. Hoods will be air cooled with ducts running outside of the tent on either side, 2 at a time.

    Still need to purchase:

    PowerGrow DWC kit
    In-line fans
    Scrog net (diy)
    Fan speed adjuster
    Ph up/down
    TDS meter
    PH meter
    Lux meter
    Temp/humidity display

    Am I leaving anything out?

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    Sounds like a good plan to me.

    What is the 'intake' and 'exhaust' you mention on your list?
  3. If I were doing a setup like that, I'd go with at least 8" fans. Guessing you have about 600 cubic feet of space, my cheap 8" fan is rated to move 400 cubic feet per minute. I use mine in a 5x5 tent with a big LED light.
  4. so I like to exchange the airs in my area 1 and a haf times a minute,all in math my friend, get yur square footage,and find an appropriate fan to reach your air exchange goal
  5. Aren't there 6 inch fans that are as strong as 8 inch fans? I just feel that the wider the duct, the more difficult it will be to create pressure and move sufficient air. Of course there are fans strong enough no matter what size duct. Thats just what i figured, let me know if what im saying doesn't really make sense.
  6. Im assuming you have a 10x10x7 grow tent? Thats 700 cubic feet. Is the smell going to be an issue? If so, pick up a carbon filter along with your inline fan. Keep in mind the carbon filter reduces the fan efficiency by about 25 percent, so if your fan is rated for 700cfm, with that filter its going to be pulling 525cfm. I run 4 1000 watt 8" Raptor hoods with 2 Can Pro 8" 1245CFM fans and 2 40" Can Pro filters in my 12x12 room. Always blowing fresh, scrubbed air out and replacing it with fresh air in. Hope it helps.

  7. Thanks man. You use 2 1245cfm fams? For a total of 2490 cfms? Wouldnt a single 1500 suffice your 1008 cubic feet room? Or since you want to run 2 filters, 2 750cfm fans?

    Speaking of multiple fans, from my 750 cubic feet room, instead of running a single 1000 cfm fan could i run 2 500s? Puts it at 750cfm total including the efficiency reduction. Would also like 2 carbon filters.

  8. if you haven't bought the bulb yet think about a Solis tek bulb. I use Solis tek products. Higher par and lumen output then hortilux and is matched to run efficiently with their ballasts. Best part is their cheaper....not cheap but cheaper
  9. I use one 1245 for in and one for out. I mislead with the way i worded it. So my air out is the same as my air in.

    You could definitely use two fans and filters inside. If you have the budget for two go for it. Keep in mind the power consumption of two fans as opposed to one 8 or 900cfm. It might be cheaper in the long run.

    @killset - Solis Tek products really are bad to the bone. I run both ballasts and bulbs from them. And he's right, cheaper cost but superior performance.

  10. Do you mean inferior performance? Also, the power consumption of 2 fans vs one 8 or 900 cfm, which do you mean will be cheaper in the long run? The 2 smaller fans or the 1 big fan?
  11. What i meant was the Solis Tek products are cheaper than the "big" name brand competitors but perform as good as if not better. Alot of "cheaper" products you might see like on ebay, are cheap for a reason, you pay for what you get. Killset and I were explaining the Solis Tek products while cheap, are not cheaply made. I feel i repeated myself, my apologies.

    Two 500Cfm fans may each run 350 watts of power. In the long run, it might end up costing you more than if you had 1 1000cfm fan drawing 400watts. Just giving you food for thought. I look at it as the less power i can draw, the cheaper it is all around. I bought the efficient, "good" equipment with a higher upfront cost, saving hundreds by harvest.
  12. Also, i wanted to ask since this is your first grow, have you considered RDWC?
  13. Solis tek bulbs are slightly cheaper then hortilux. But they're not cheap. You want cheap ipower, Apollo they make bulbs for $10-20. Solis tek $50-70 and there performance is great. I used to run hortilux, also a great bulb. Ive been switching everything I have to solis tek as it needs replaced. Higher par, lumen and life of bulb for less $$$. Plus Im running Solis tek ballast and hoods.
  14. the solis tec 1000 watt hps has the same lumen output as the Hortilux hps at 150,000, unless I'm missing something.. Amazon sells the Hortilux for 63 dollars about the same price too, lots of serious growers swear by them for years.. If it works for you - why change it... :)
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    Oh, I'm sorry, I thought "bad to the bone" was like saying they really really suck to the core lol. I'm with you on less power consumption and getting good equipment!

    I've considered RDWC but the systems cost thousands. Whereas purchasing 16 powergrow buckets cost me $400 out the door:

    I've looked into crafting my own RDWC because i realized taking care of 16 individual buckets is going to really suck, but i still havn't decided if i want to do that or just go with two 4x8 ebb and flow tables.

    That reminds me of something i couldn't understand. All the RDWC systems i see have a reservoir bucket the same size as all the site buckets. An 8 site RDWC system has a reservoir that is the same exact size as the rest of the buckets. How the hell do 8 buckets full of water fit in a single reservoir bucket of the same size?
  16. My first grow was rdwc. Built the system for about 250 for a 24 site. Much cheaper and much easier to deal with. I recommend running a chiller with the system to prevent all the slime and bullshit problems that come along with warm water Temps. But if you cant afford the chiller, run UC Roots in your res. Here, take a look at this. https://youtu.be/YEeRVIyzUFQ

    So lets say you have 10 5Gal buckets. Your reservoir can be whatever size you want as long as its not smaller than your buckets. You're never going to be running your system completely full of water to the top. If you have a 5gal bucket, you're going to run the water just to the bottom of the net pot, which is usually 2.5 to 3 gallons of water. 3 gallons of water distributed evenly between 10 buckets would be 30 gallons of water. Your reservoir wouldn't have 30 gallons of water because it's evenly distributed throughout the entire system. Make sense? Recirculating systems IMO are much easier to operate. Of course there are pump failures and air stone issues and stupid shit that happens along the way, but with every and any style of growing, there are issues.
  17. Hmm, okay. I guess that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification. I just figured that in order to check proper PPM and PH levels, you would need to have all the water back in the rez to check it accurately. But i guess if the water is criculiating constantly, then the rez has pretty much the same exact mixture as the rest of the buckets. Did i get that right?
  18. Yeah thats correct.
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    I'm sketching my grow room design and I have so many options in my head. Thought i'd pitch you guys a couple of sketches to see what you guys think and your opinions.

    I'm trying to plan how I want my air cooled hoods ducted. One sketch shows a fan+filter combo >> Y-connector >> 2 ducts each running through 2 hoods, and each exiting out of a window. So 2 exit ducts will be positioned at the window.

    The other sketch is basically the same thing except there is another Y connector near the window so that instead of being 2 exit ducts positioned at a window, its only one.

    I'd think the second one is the most ideal way in terms of convenient and organized, but I'm worried that the 2nd Y connector near the window might cause a bottleneck effect and not breathe as well as it would have with 2 individual ducts exiting.

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