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▲8-THC effects and theory

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by yesno420, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. So in process of making cannabis oil, I probably applied too much heat, and since ▲9-THC is unstable it converted into ▲8-THC.

    Effects are similar but not the same, it lacks euphoria but it has very strong muscle relaxing properties - it's the stuff that melts you into the couch! Very interesting, it's high supposed to last longer.

    Anyway my theory is that it is caused by heat and it happens before converting to CBN:
    ▲9-THC --> ▲8-THC --> CBN

    Some poeple extract it so maybe it's usfeul, probably good for stress since it's way more relaxing, but without euphoria it's kinda 'weak'.
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  2. How hot did you get it?
  3. I believe it happened during decarb process, I'm decarbing at 105°c for 25min in a closed jar (it's grinded). This time I probably set it to 110°c and 27min (forgot to check the watch on time)... and this happened. This is basically when people say they've got 'weak' edibles.
  4. It's likely you didn't get it hot enough for long enough to decarb properly. 110C is hot enough to decarb but it takes a while. Next time try a proper decarb before making your oil. It's possible to decarb oil and I've done it many times, I judge when decarbing is finished by watching the bubbles but some say it's better to decarb before and I can't argue with that.
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    No, it's enough since it's grinded and closed in a jar, I know what I'm doing... If I set it longer 30min or more, then all I get is sedative effects. 20-25min is perfect for me, doing it for awhile now. Then after decarb I put it for 20min into the oil at the same temp, I've read that here on the forum and it works...15min is weaker...25 still ok but 20min seems best for the oil.

    EDIT: and yeah shaking it like crazy for 15 min after - it makes it stronger somehow
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  6. A decarb takes 40 minutes dude not 25 lol
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  7. You must have a lot of experience. How did you find out shaking it for 15 minutes makes it stronger?
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  8. I've had many failed attempts, and many succesful ones and some free time to experiment. Most of the info used was found here. Shaking helps abpsortion into the oil, I've got my oil ready in 1 hour :)
  9. Definitely interesting stuff. I really hope we see this get explored and products created that specifically cater to these more niche cannabinoids and terpenes and all that kind of stuff in the cannabis industry. We're seeing a wave of CBD now, which is great but I really hope to see it expand well beyond that and of course regular delta 9 that's been at the forefront of the focus for pretty much as long we knew it existed. There's so much variety and I hate to see the potential get lost by trying to zone in on only some things.

    The tough thing is, the weed industry is a business and while there's a lot of people who really are passionate and care about more than money most are going to mostly follow the big money. Consumers/customers hold a lot of power collectively though so the more we demand certain things as long as we put our money where our mouth is we'll hopefully see more of this kind of stuff.
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  10. This article says more about it, 4hrs after and still feel the same - energetic & relaxed, hungry, sleepy but can't sleep because so much energy... it targets both cb1 & cb2 that's why effects are so wide (and weaker on both ends).

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