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  1. I've got some ideas from GC on making a grow box from a PC case and felt I found the perfect case.
    Of course, these are not my plants. Growing marijuana is illegal and I am documenting a grow of a friend and the words in this post are written by him. -holla

    "PC Grow Box.

    When the plants get large enough I will lose the shade and put two CFL's in the very top of the case.
    They will be topped and LST'ed to help accommodate them in such a small space.
    I will replant into a container which takes up the entire bottom of the computer once they get bigger.

    This is the back of the case, whatcha know bout that lock, haha!

    Here it is hidden away behind the desk!

    An above view of the case opened.

    There are two computer fans that are hooked to an external PSU.
    The Light hanging is a 100watt daylight CFL.
    The shade is a walmart cheap glass spray painted white.
    It ran a bit and looks like shit but oh well :) The entire case has been painted white, no worries there was no residue or smell left over.
    Another 120mm fan will be installed inside the case when the plants get larger.

    This is the external shell.

    My temps are perfect.

    It's very well hidden, absolutely no light escapes so you don't see anything with the lights completely off in the room."
  2. are u sure theres enough spce for the plant to grow.... wut type are u growin
  3. Bag seed, and I was wondering the same thing -- what can I do to make them stop growing once they reach the full size of the case?

    I do not want to ruin good seeds for my first grow.
  4. i am starting a project extremely similiar...i think u can just put them into flowering as low as like 8 inches and then they should be able to fit even after flowering growth
  5. Ah, ok.

    I am sure topping and LST will help it fill out the case a lot more too.

  6. mark man hop on aim ill help you out I was there every step of the way with bassfishingboy's pc case grow and know alot about it

    check out his threads
  7. ok well

    you can do 12/12 from seed and lst or you can get LR2 seeds which are auto-flower meaning you can do lights 24/7 and they flower

    you can switch to flowering whenever you please

    you need to lst them and there is a way you can use a computer PSU to power everything so its just one cord going into it ill call bassfishingboy when he gets off work and find out for you

    lighting you need more then that to grow the plants probably 5 or 6 CFLs thats going to up the heat ALOT so your going to need 2 fans to bring air out and 2 to bring air in you want enough air going by them to shake the plants so they have thicker stalks you want to put carbon filters over the exhaust fans on the back so you will need pretty powerfull computer fans like bassfishingboy had

    you want one long box going across the bottom with sections so the roots dont get mixed up if the roots do get tangled they will die
  8. I will veg them till about 2/3'rds of the case is growth. I will then put them on 12/12 and force them to sex. I am planing on getting a few supplies and construct this inside the case:

    Two lights is plenty enough for two plants. Also, they are in such an enclosed space that there is a minute amount of light escaping -- even though they most likely will not both be female.

    I've got two 120 mm fans that I will upgrade to when the plan is larger.

    A larger pot will be used once they grow a bit more.


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  9. Hows the Grow going?

    I'm gonna make a little one myself once my outdoor girls are finished.
  10. I'm having a hard time keeping my sative dom clones small enough to fit a 12.5 cubic foot space. 25" wide, 18" deep and about 48" tall. Even with LST they fill the box to overflowing. I've raised up two clones like that and then took them outside to finish and flower.
  11. hey just wondering if someone could message me full instrustion on how to build a pc grow box because i have no clue how to build one and i am a newbie :eek:

    just send to poita97@hotmail.com

  12. hell yeah i love stealthbox growws that pic with the glass screen is a hella good idea i might throw something like that into my speaker with a full lineup of cfls like a cool tube but its like a cool-light box haha nice man check out my speaker box

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