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  1. So my buddy found a plant about a foot tall on the side of the highway and he grabed it and as much roots as he could. We have it in a small plastic pot as of now and just gave it some MG plant food that was diluted and got new soil mixture.

    as of now
    regular potting soil/shagnum peatmoss/blood meal
    outside getting 12 hours of sun
    MG plant food (23-18-20)

    please tell us if were doin good so far and what can fix our problems with the plant.


  2. ha wow it was just on the side of the road growing? that sa pretty damn good find, makes you wonder how many eople drove past it w/o realizing it/knowing what it was
  3. LOL i wonder how good the bud'll be..
  4. get it into a bigger pot... only do about 3/4 strength with the fert, ive heard bad things about miracle grow. and read the forums and use search :wave:
  5. Looks nice. It needs a new pot but other that that looks healthy

    Good Luck
    Mary will thank you:smoking:
  6. In Iowa, there is hemp (notice I called it hemp and not pot) growing on almost any country road... we called it ditch weed... if you tried to smoke it, you would get a huge headache :mad:

    Don't get you hopes too high (pun intended)
  7. Ya iv seen what ur talkin about up north but not here down south, I think it's a pot plant, I can see little trichomes on the leaves and it smells hella skunky... And it's in a bigger pot.
  8. I have read that ditchweed makes great rope.
  9. How can u tell the dif

  10. :) ;)
  11. Does it produce bud
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    If you're asking if it flowers, the answer is yes. There wasn't really a way to tell the difference (beside the headache method). We just knew that if it was growing on the side of the road, then it was crap. I guess you can grow it out and see what happens. Unfortunately, the punishment for growing a ditchweed plant was the same as growing a tasty treat. :mad:
  13. Unless you are extremely lucky and you have stumbled across a plant from someone throwing a seed out their window doing 65 mph from a bag of dank that just turned out to be a female plant. rofl One in a million shot. It is ditch weed and you are wasting your time and money on it. If you enjoy headaches grow it out as it will give you a grand headache and nothing else.

    + rep to WhobeBoo for knowing the difference.
  14. How in the hell does anyone not realize they have a MJ plant growing along the highway.
    Great find!
  15. Someone couldve tossed bagseed out of their car after rolling...
  16. Holy shit. Why can't I get this lucky?

    Good find.
  17. Why are you growing it out with the chance that it's ditch weed? Surely it cant be that hard to get a few seeds.
  18. My concern is getting caught with it. I know of somebody who filled their trunk up with ditchweed (they though they had found somebodies 'farm'). They were later stopped by state patrol and were busted... all for something that wouldn't have gotten them high. :(

  19. That's what I'm sayin... But ya iv lived in Texas my whole life and iv never seen wild marijuana...

  20. I NEVER find seeds in the stuff I buy

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