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Discussion in 'General' started by Scapris, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. Come up with the best idea to expand www.AboveTheIgnorance.org,

    I have spare time opening up the next two months and a ton of time to spend on the website. If you feel up to the task I am calling all blades to get your creative juices flowing. Whoever comes up with the best idea for my website will be given $100.00.

    Contest will end Sept. 1,
    Post any questions you may have.
  2. defintely..btw your site looks fucking great, you a CSS major or something? i can script and model, but CSS and programming, that shit is beyond me
  3. Surprisingly I actually wrote no CSS, this was created entirely in Dreamweaver. Don't make me do it again though i'll shoot someone, or possibly myself,

  4. I heard good things about dreamweaver in my web scripting and authoring class, but as it wasnt my area of study i didnt mess with it after it was over..
  5. The trickiest part is making it work in several browsers..
  6. FUCK if I was still high right now I'd be coming up with infinite ideas. When does this end? I don't feel like getting up and going to my stash closet just to get a blunt to think of an idea, I'd rather do it tomorrow when I get high anyway lol?!?!
  7. You got about a month,
  8. Tell 'em Diddy said AboveTheIgnorance is new and improved
  9. Definitely make the Ganja Myths available.

    Sort out all the myths about them and then post the facts. :]
  10. A section detailing the lives of successful smokers would be terrific. Not your typical Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg, etc. I'm talking attorneys, doctors, architects, People who by society's standards are doing great in life...that happen to smoke bud. I'd love that.
  11. Have a sort of section where users can either upload a video diary or write about how marijuana has helped them. Generalize it, because you don't want doctors and attorneys losing their jobs as some of teh world is still ignorant.
  12. Good idea, a section named "I smoke"

    Have a form for people to submit and it will, upon me accepting, be placed on the page. How long they have been smoking and the ways it has helped them.

    Keep it coming :)
  13. If you're hoping that the site is actually going to make a difference and attempt to explain the benefits of legalized marijuana, you're going to want to go with a more professional layout. Sorry, but a giant pot leaf and rastafarian colors just don't scream credibility. It looks more like a home-made fan boy pro-pot site. I don't mean to offend you of course, I do love the site and the material is well researched.
  14. +rep for "spreading the word" :)
  15. LMAO!

  16. this is true
  17. IMHO, almost any website can benefit from having a well setup message board/forum. GrassCity is a great example of how a message board associated with a website can become incredibly large and take on a mind of its own, greatly increasing traffic to the main website in the process. A nice website gets people to come once, but a nice message board gets people to come back.

    GrassCity uses vBulletin, which has been one of the best forum systems for years. Unfortunately a vBulletin license may be too expensive for most non-commercial websites like yours. MyBB is my personal favorite forum software. It is 100% free, and is pretty much up to par with others like vBulletin or Invision board.
  18. :D Remember Youngbeast said that !
  19. probably the most valuable advice you will find in the whole thread
  20. I agree with this.

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