“Sisters of the Valley” Photo Portraits of a Group of Nuns Who Grow Weed

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  1. Captivating series by photographers Shaughn Crawford and John DuBois “Sisters of the Valley” takes us inside a group of marijuana harvesting nuns who use it to make a natural pain relieving cannabis oil. Love the shot of their calendar. Have a look at more images below.

    Sisters of the Valley on Instagram
    Sisters of the Valley website

    Valley29.jpg Valley28.jpg Valley5.jpg Valley23.jpg Valley19.jpg Valley18.jpg Valley14.jpg tumblr_o4jjqpguGf1uxvrrjo10_1280.jpg tumblr_o4jjqpguGf1uxvrrjo9_1280.jpg tumblr_o4jjqpguGf1uxvrrjo8_1280.jpg tumblr_o4jjqpguGf1uxvrrjo7_1280.jpg tumblr_o4jjqpguGf1uxvrrjo6_1280.jpg tumblr_o4jjqpguGf1uxvrrjo5_1280.jpg tumblr_o4jjqpguGf1uxvrrjo4_1280.jpg tumblr_o4jjqpguGf1uxvrrjo3_1280.jpg tumblr_o4jjqpguGf1uxvrrjo2_1280.jpg tumblr_o4jjqpguGf1uxvrrjo1_1280.jpg

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  2. fyi. people don't mix it up. these aren't Catholic Nuns.
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