“Pagan Delights” My Smoke Report on Nirvana’s Aurora Indica

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    My personal philosophy of life is defined by the smoke I have on hand at any given moment, and on this occasion last December I had just finished drying a crop of Nirvana’s (AI.) Organically sown and grown is the only way this smoker has ever known. Yeah, you read the smoke reports and try to gauge what will do what so you grow such and such, but nothing can really prepare you if you manage to hit the ultimate highs bull’s-eye. I pulled this crop after eight weeks of flower, hung it like the undead upside down, ironically it smelled like rotting meat. What are the chances eh? I let it dry for about two weeks and the waiting was painful indeed, sodium pentothal times sixteen truth telling bitches PMSing. I had the shakes, I had the shakes. See what I mean? Fuckin’ I was feenin and shit.

    When it was drier I selected a nug and sealed the rest away to cure in jars. (Sorry, no pics of this grow, didn't have a digital camera.) There were so many crystals on the nug that it looked like it could’ve held it’s own against the Hope diamond and the diamond would’ve had to slide on a pair of shades. See what I mean? Is there anything more beautiful than Mother Nature’s final product? Nope. I opened up my stash box and removed my dissection paraphernalia which consists of a sharp pair of scissors and a dream.

    Cut + cut + cut + cut + cut = somewhere over the rainbow bros<O:p</O:p

    With my beautiful bong sitting inches away from me I made the first cuts into the nug, (snip snip, snip snip…) my God the smell was treacherous fellow tokers. It wafted through the air with a persistence that only made me more anxious to smoke it. I mean, you guys know how it is when you wait for months to smoke your shit, marking the days on your calendar waiting patiently but dreaming madly about the finished product. Yeah I had those kinda jitters dogs and doggets. I crossed my legs, picked up my bong, and blazed the first hit. It was surprisingly smooooooth, tasted kinda like heaven will--sorta hashy but a smooth hashy. I exhaled a cloud of hard earned vapor and waited for a few minutes. “Hmmmmmm… Nothing strong yet, better take a bigger hit,” I thought cuz I’m a seasoned smoker. Dumb, very, very, very dumb. I took another hit, this time I pulled out all the stops and embraced reckless abandon with arms outstretched and lungs unfurled. I sat back and waited another few minutes, by this time I thought the weed was probably of shitty quality but then… it hit me…

    Faze 1 - The Catapult to Mars.) It felt like heaven and earth had come together in a mighty crashing crescendo and I was a helpless insect in their explosive aftershock. I sat up quickly because my heart was beating like a fucking race horse hitting the old dusty trail with thundering hoof beats, “This is some pretty fucking good dope.” I endorsed it without knowing how much shit I was really in.

    Faze 2 - The Envy of Archimedes.) I started to feel really fucking heavy and sat myself up straighter so I wouldn’t fall over but my body denied me. This is how you add insult to injury; I’d been swept under by a massively sedative stone. Crippling really, troubling truly. 2 + 2 = 1,960,000,000,000

    Faze 3 - The Wrath of Morpheus.) I can’t remember what this was. But it felt like I fell and couldn’t get the fuck up. (Hold on, body memory just took over.) I crawled from the living room to the bedroom with the world just a turning and gyratin’. The two hours I was in and out of consciousness were a rollercoaster ride of "where the fuck am I?" Nice heavy body buzz that creeps up pretty sneakily. I recommend this strain for people with sleeping disorders, body pains, or headaches. The texture of this stone is extremely sedative so easy does it if you're not an experienced toker. This smoke is a day ender, and "by day ender" I mean when you're pulling the blankets and sheets up to your chest and winding the alarm clock.

    My response to oblivion is to share it.

    Success brothers and sisters are healthy crops and a set of healthy lungs to appreciate them.

    Stay green!
  2. shit man you have to get pictures somehow
  3. I hear ya malady I wish I would've gotten pics too but with no camera and me being too paranoid to borrow one wellllllll...I guess ya get what ya can get bro.
  4. i did a search on aurora indica to see what experiences people had with it.....

    a friend of mine grew it and said it was quit possibly the best smoke he had ever sampled.

    so i decided to give it a go...

    i am about a week or two from harvest and your post has me chomping at the bit to get to it. i am going to be patient and cure once i get her dried....

    i know this post is old but i just had to respond to it after reading...


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Good for you on the AI grow brother; you're going to really enjoy it. I had a good time on that bud, it's very easy to underestimate the potency because I smoked myself silly when I tried it for the first time. It's amazingly potent weed that can definitely hold its own against some of the best buds. If you let it go a little longer than the prescribed time so that about 70% of the trichomes are amber it's gonna rock the fuck out of you.

    People that have trouble sleeping look no further for you have found the weed for you.

    Stay green.

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