‘Excessive’: Marine biologist ends 7-year legal battle with feds over feeding whales

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  1. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/01/16/over-criminalized-scientist-settles-7-year-legal-nightmare-with-feds-over/

  2. Meanwhile, all of the resources, time, and money going into prosecuting her over a seemingly benevolent and misguided act could have been directed towards... saving whales?
  3. Hahaha, your country's stupider and stupider every day :D
    ya...to my shame, it is...
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    Is this just an American Phenomena or will I have to put up with stupidity of those in charge in my "need to get the fuck out of America" countries too?

    Namely Canada, Ireland and Sweden

    Because I mean come the fuck on, she fed some whales, oh teh noes!
    How about Iceland?
  7. Prosecutor Christopher Hale told The Associated Press that Black's crime raised the danger that the whales would come to associate humans with food.
    "When wild animals are fed by humans, they learn to lose their natural wariness,'' he said. "That can lead to devastating effect.''Although Hale said he had never heard of a person being attacked by a whale, he added, "Who wants to be Patient Zero to be eaten by a killer whale because they're chumming for them.?”
    \nSo instead of ruining your life by being eaten by a whale, the government will ruin your life by throwing you in jail, and fining the shit out of you, to prevent you from dying. Unless of course you plead to some bullshit, which is what the prosecutors wanted all along.
    \nSeems legit.
  8. How do they feel about Marijuana?

    And the right to citizens being left to their own business as long as they arent harming anyone?
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    Seems like they have very high prices for being so close to the Netherlands.
    All in all, Iceland seems to be a very progressive country that values liberty, individual rights, and national sovereignty.
    Edit: They are also not part of the EU and I doubt they have any intentions of joining... ever.
  10. Oh very nice.

    Might take me a bit to get used to the climate being from florida though :laughing:
    Yeah, I think that's the biggest sacrifice you'd have to make though :)
    Still easier for me to acclimate to than somewhere in say, South America, which would probably be more suited to your climate experience.

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