​PlatinumLED Grow Lights December Plant of the Month P300 Giveaway

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    PlatinumLED Grow Lights December Plant of the Month P300 Giveaway

    At PlatinumLED, we love nothing more than seeing big, beautiful plants.. so we figured what better thing is there than to offer a giveaway each month for the best, most beautiful plant as submitted and chosen by you..our Grasscity community!

    So, here's what you need to do: Post your best one or two pictures of a plant you have personally grown in this thread. Any type of lighting, any medium, any nutrients, any method.. you grow it, you post it, you choose it.. you win!

    The winner each month will receive one of our P300 LED grow lights!

    Each month, we will open up the entries from the 1st – 14th day at which time we'll post a compilation of them all for easy reference. Voting will run from the 15th - last day of the month. To vote, simply post the member name/number of your favorite entry.

    Please no early voting or late submissions as these won't be counted. This way, we all get to see all the options and then make a decision. Please.. no campaigning for lights, nutrients or products used within the thread, either. Compliments and congrats are always welcome.. just please let's keep it fair, fun and focused on what we're all here for.. those beautiful, sticky icky flowers!

    Good luck to all.. now let's see it!

    Rules :
    - Up to two photos maximum allowed and both must show the same plant
    - Plants only allowed for submission. No dried flowers or single bud shots. We must be able to see the entire plant
    - Entry and voting open to any Grasscity member with 50 posts or more by the time the contest closes each month
    - One entry and/or vote per member, per month

    - Only one winning entry per member, per year. Let's spread the love around!
    - Photo entries must include a hand written or typed note with the member's username within the frame of the photo - no photochopping!

    - All Grasscity posting rules and regulations apply - please no outside advertising!
    - No added text or manipulation of photos

    - Non-winning entries may enter again up to two additional months
    - Winner will receive via PM a unique code valid on our website, good for one P300 with shipping included anywhere in the USA or EU
    - We reserve the right to amend the rules as is deemed necessary
  2. tx420pharmer

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    lmao ^ winner
  4. lol 50 posts bro
  5. As per the rules i have added my username to the photo.....this plant was grown for my rookie season......story and journal on my Page...

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  6. Damn gotta have 50 posts.....and name has to be in actual photo....not added text.....well I've got some posting to do....and photos to take!!!!
  7. [​IMG]never hurts to try.....eventually i will hit 50 posts

    Stay high folks!!!

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  8. This should be cool. Hope I have something to show off, for some reason it won't give me the option to subscribe to this thread
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    I almost just posted one of my ladies but I'm gonna let them go another 10 days and take a pic . First ever grow and I love my platinum and more importantly my ladies love my platinum . This is gonna be an awesome thread . I already know
  10. that's beautiful . How big is that pot ? That thing is huge
  11. Shit I am just trying to get post count up!!
  12. well I look forward to seeing more of your pics . That's for sure
  13. Yeah no text in photo it says. Just straight up picture it looks like. Good luck everyone this will be cool.
  14. so I guess you can't ask any questions about the pics . Fair enough . The size of that pot just blew my mind
  15. Man that'd be nice
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  16. Yes , I now have surpassed the 50 post mark, and I am now eligible for one of those sweet LEDs!!!
  17. Won't b able to get in this month but sure will b here for January good luck guys! And I'm don't kno how we r to get are name in the pic without adding text to the photo, is a written on a piece of paper cool?
  18. Contest submission from tx420pharmer now with over 50 posts and username within the frame of photo!

    Plants photographed Royal Deisel Automatic(pic 2), Royal Kush Auto (left pic 1), Royal Bluematic (right pic 1). From RoyalQueenSeeds.com

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