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​First real attempt to cook cannabis

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by 420DJ, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. Hello,

    Okay so I am cooking a brownie for real tonight and wanted to create a thread to document my success and/or failure. I am using around or a little less than a gram for half a cup of cooking oil in a slow cooker. I added 1/4 cup of water to prevent burning. The basic recipe for the brownie calls for half a cup of regular oil so I was just going to substitute that oil with the cannabis oil. I am going cook the oil for 8 hours, the brownie creates four pieces so if I get high off one piece I'd consider this a great success. A moderate success if two pieces get me high and a failure if more pieces are required.

    Pics, check out my work.



    I am open to suggestions cause I am a noob at cooking but I feel good about this giving my experience the other day.


  2. your best bet for cooking, is to make canna butter, it would certainly require more than a gram, what i do is use shake or bag bottoms , works just as great, i like to use couple ounces to a pound of butter, use double boiler method (i use pot inside frying pan) boil on low heat for bout 2 hours, then strain through some cheese cloth, and voila canna butter, generally half cup is enough to make some decently potent muffins or brownies. you can use the butter in any recipe, spread it on toast ,or whatever you require. adjust the amounts as needed up or down until you find what works for you. you will find that straining out the plant material via cheese cloth makes for a much better tasting product and doesn't effect the potency,
  3. Dully noted, I am exploring several methods so I will try the double boiler at some point.

    For now, here is what I've got as far as oil after 8 hours in the slow cooker compared to the oil itself. I didn't filter out all of the leaves because I don't have anything to filter out matter that small. However I caught most of the herb with a tea bag.


    The brownie is in the oven so fingers crossed


  4. Update

    Ate one piece, hour and 40 minutes later and I feel high but barely so I redosed with another piece. Will report back in a few hours to see where its at. This is weird, my eyes are bloodshot but I don't feel much different and I have the munchies early. Something is a bit off, I am thinking maybe I burnt it (The weed not the brownie).
  5. Last Update,

    This is semi moderate success, two pieces did provide a high but its still a little bit on the weak side. Plus the brownie caused a stomach ache which I can only assume was the weed cause everything on the brownie side was legit. I guess I need more weed, I have never got a high off an edible thats comparable to smoking. I'll continue to work on it, additional comments, questions, suggestions welcome but I am done with this method I think.


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