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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).... HeadyHunters Glass Family Pick Ups ....( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by HeadyHunter, Jun 23, 2013.

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    To view incoming commissions check out our facebook page/feed: www.facebook.com/theheadyhunter 
    Going to be posting shots of my personal collection along with current commissions and other random glass pictures that tickle my fancy. Most of my glass is non functional, but I will shoot some of my friends functional pieces whenever I chill with them and their respective glass families. 
    I will post one or two pics of my collection every few days and get shots of new stuff as it comes in. Hope yal enjoy. 
    I'll start out with my Hanshaw Orbs. Far left and Far right mib are UV reactive. Sizes are left to right (1.99, 1.91, 2.13)

  2. Guess I should post some more pics and stuff to keep this thread fresh and interesting.
    Here is a fresh order from Jack Morris (Upgrade Glass) that is in the mail and should be here hopefully Tuesday. More professional images will be posted once they arrive.
  3. Carver B (Andrew Brown) Coldworked Implosion pendant

  4. Dragon Heads came in the other day and I was able to take some nice photos
  5. First batch of Kevin Bergesson honey drip pendants, only got two left from this batch but these things look like some straight honeycomb
  6. Jason Ryner (PA Jay carved Pendant)
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    This one was a present for my moms. Made by Tomomi Handa from Japan. They use a different color palette over there, called Satake Glass.
  8. Haven't posted here in a while, been really busy! Here are a few shots of things I've picked up in the last few months.
    Jack Hanshaw 2002 Sea Cave Paperweight with Jack's Parrot Fish Murrine
    2013 Bo Howe Fillacello Pendants
    Dellene Peralta High Heel Pendants
  9. Jack Hanshaw 2013 Reeflife Marble (2.25 inches)
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    This is a nice slice of Hanshaw's raw reef millie that he and his wife sent me as a gift. He rarely releases any prep work from the shop. This slice is going in a custom display after it is cerium oxide polished down a bit. 
    Local artist & friend, Rob Davis "candy-painted" linework sets and some lemon-drop shatter made by my homie up the street. Rob just recently left his post at the Living Glassworks studio here in Eugene, where he apprenticed under Marcel Braun. He is now in his own shop, crushing out some serious artwork. 
  11. This is a shot I featured of a friend's Hanshaw collection with a gorgeous faceted paperweight as the focal piece. 
  12. Some sick stuff you have here. Really beautiful works of art.
  13. Oh man everything here is really nice. Why aren't there more people here?
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    Thanks for the kind words and taking the time to comment, it does seem to be rather slow around these parts. I don't mind though, just revisiting the memories associated with each piece is fun on its own. Just a big glass nerd  :hello:
    Every time I make a post in this thread I'm going to try and add a shot and description.
    Here are the first and second batch of pendants commissioned from Noah Rockland. These are his awesome geode pendants with an encased gilson opal. Each piece is rolled in over 25 layers of frit and is cerium oxide polished on the front. These are awesome pendants and look like they come directly from the earth. 
    This one is my personal piece and is from the first batch (the photo directly below).
    First batch
    Second batch
  15. Got to spend yesterday picking out some of Andy Ray & his son/partner David Sigler's choice marbles. These are some of their newest and nicest works and will be made available shortly. 
  16. Man this stuff is awesome, very heady!

    That's just the way she goes
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    Thanks, & yes a lot of it is non functional, but I will do my best to add some photos & function videos of some of my personal rigs and meds in the future. Today however I'm sharing a super unique set that was a gift to Tom Frazen over at MADE Gallery in Chicago, IL from Yoshinori Kondo and Daisuke Saito (Slop) of Team Japan at the recent Treating Yourself Expo. The wallet is a Kensuke Ootsuka x Yoshinori Kondo collaboration and the dome is Yoshi and Slop. The cab in the wallet is 2 inches in diameter, contains 3 different colors and has an expertly placed square opal encased directly in the center.  A collectors dream. There is only one other wallet like this one and it is Yoshi's personal. You carry this in your front pocket...
    Here is the youtube link to check out the wallet. Play in 1080p HD for best viewing quality.
  18. My daily driver. [SIZE=14.44444465637207px]Finally got around to taking some more proper photos the other day of this crushed opal [/SIZE][SIZE=14.44444465637207px]starscape[/SIZE][SIZE=14.44444465637207px] drop-top courtesy of John Dosa[/SIZE][SIZE=14.44444465637207px]. This rig was made in 2012 and has nine opal nib attachments as well as a crushed opal scene on the central can. Stands ~6 inches tall. [/SIZE]
  19. That wallet is quite baller.  I want!
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    Ya scary that the owner walks around with it in his pocket to be honest. Thing needs to be chilling in a museum.
    I don't generally make videos of myself medicating, but here is a quick function video, dropping some shatter bhombs through the dosa drop-top, enjoy. 

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