¿What is the name of this song?

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  1. I hate the way the Argentinians sound when they talk.
  2. i feel like i just watched the tape from The Ring.
  3. lol i know im guna have nightmares after watchin this one
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    Why does it bother u so much friend?
    I don't know, it just does. The Spanish accent bothers me even more. I hate that lisp they have.
  6. does having a serious case of the munchies ever bother u the most?
  8. in other words, do you not hate more being hungry than hearing a Spanish or Argentinean person speak lol?
  9. I hate how grilled cheese sandwiches sound when they talk.
    In regards to the music in the commercial, chances are it's just a stock audio loop meant for use in media.
  10. OP the real question are why are you watching mexican ads with scandaly clad women
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    lmao bro you look just like my brother hahaha

    Is that you? lmao
  12. nope i only have 1 bro and he lives couple city's away from Toronto.
  13. yo name chris?
  14. Slava
  15. jesus man hahah i swear to god u are my brothers twin hahaha and he lives in TO to i was like whaaaaat hahahah
  16. so post a pic and we shall see if there is any resemblance.
    brb guna smoke a bowl on the balcony
    It's an Argentinian ad.
    I can get distracted and not feel hungry but when I hear a Spanish or Argentinian person talk I can't just block them out.
  18. or u can try noise cancelling headphones

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