¿Art or sci glass?

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  1. Personally I like scientific but, opinions folks? colored glass? fumed glass? art glass? Pics?

    I'll post mine when I git some cleaner (theyz DIRTY!)
  2. Hi,
    went to Amsterdam with a Friend and made that Video.
  3. I love all kinds of glass.

    Was all about sci glass but now I'm liking heady stuff.

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414568133.543693.jpg

    This is my newest piece. It's not worked at all, just has a black tip mouthpiece but it is shaped like a spray can.

    A mix between heady and scientific?

    Still not sure if it's ok to call this heady.

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    I wouldn't be sure what to call it either... based on the price tag it's in the middle, and then based on the piece it's in the middle too...
    Some time went into the design, but everything else is pretty straightforward glass.
    I think it depends if it's one of a kind.
    That's what really makes a piece heady to me.
    I've seen other spray cans and the designs are all different. I don't know if they really are all different though. I'd say it's heady just because of the price tag and some color. If people can call sandblasted pieces and pieces with stencil designs heady, or dab cups heady then your can is heady too.
    I don't own anything heady at all, but someday i want a worked minitube minirig to be my DD. I'm always looking for one..
    And i love heady glass that's unique. Takes me back to collecting spoons and chillums. I have a small collection of domes but nothing heady there either.
  5. Agreed!

    He makes them all relatively the same. Diff colors though and I've noticed that the paint splatters are always different even on the cans with the same color scheme. So it's sorta a one of a kind piece, they all are.

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  6. Heady stuff is fun to look at and I can't dispute the skill it requires to blow, however, I prefer the simplicity and elegance of scientific glassware.
  7. Skimask spraycan would be considered more art prob.  To me, scientific denotes the use of a more advanced perc system like a sov pillar, or mothership.  I consider the spraycan to be art because it is a sculpture.  I would consider those to be heady prodo, it might be kind of one of a kind, but others only differ in decal.  I consider elbo brontos the same, they basically all look alike except for the color.  Scientific can be heady and artsy as well, mothership comes to mind, basso makes some beautiful clear pieces with great percs.
    I love all of it, especially when art and function come together in one piece.
  8. Scientific for function with a little touch of headyness for looks. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414674106.298966.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414674122.939216.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414674136.763146.jpg

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  9. Heady for me . Quality heady pieces hit just as nice as any scientific piece I have hit.
  10. Saw that first piece on IG, not sure if it was you though

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  11. if you mean the etrXakmX2stroke shrink, then it's probably me, I'm the second owner of that one, but I don't think the first owner put pics online of it.  I love that guy so much.  Hopefully I'll keep him forever.
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    scientific if im smoking flower, worked mini rig with 3-hole diffusion if i'm smoking concentrates.
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  14. And now courtesy of a trip to Chinatown Los Angeles my glass array
    My bowl

    My tube (single honeycomb and a splashguard 12 inch)


    My Ashcatcher (showerhead)

    Full gitdown

    But there's more! ( j-hook)

    My bubbler (Showerhead pull carb)

    My drypipe (pull carb)

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