¿ What causes TDS to rise ?

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  1. okay I'm at day 47 from Germ on the two biggest plants. I really expected the plants to be bigger by this date. Plants seem to be visibly growing and healthy. However, they don't seem to be eating the nutrients. The TDS seems to consistently grow instead of drop. PH levels don't vary much.
    TDS - AVG 600
    Humidity 50%
    Temp - 70 F
    Using tap water that comes out at 160 TDS.
    What causes TDS to rise when I'm not adding nutes or tap water? Pollutents, grime, slime?  Anyone have any suggestions?
    I think that the plants drinking the water could elevate the levels of TDS because I hypothesize that less water would make the tds more concentrated. I have not figured out a good way to watch water levels since I cant see through RES from the outside.

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    yes the plants take up water, what nutes are you using? how many parts?
  3. Total dissolved solids and Electrical conductivity and parts per million will need to be understood if a hydro grower is ever to achieve above average results. City water that has a ph of 7 and ppm of 150 is doable by a hydro grower if he or she understands that ph fluxuation is going to determine the success of this crop.  The grower needs to compensate for the extra Total Dissolved Solids with in the nutrient solutuion,.Nutrient burn is common in the beginning because most feeding programs are produced using Reverse Osmosis h2o. So if your using tap water back off the nutes a bit. Monitor the Ph twice daily, stay away from nutrients that advertise "Balanced PH Formula" unless your using RO h2o. One recomendation I can make is don't over analyse a feeding program and forget that traing and grooming techniques and attention to aptnosphere will greatly increase your yeilds. It's the equal attention to all aspects of the strain. So to simplify things, understand what PPM s are and PH levels. Get a tool that monitors both and it is your prime tool to monster yeilds and hot sexy ladies that you just wanna smoke. :metal:
  4. yeah what rasta said. to put it simply, your tds is too high, find a way to lower it, and do more research on hydro feeding methods
  5. Guys im pretty sure he is asking WHY his tds has risen.
    My understanding is if the nutrient solution is too strong your res tds will rise, and vice versa if your tds is dropping, you need to add more nutrient .
  6. back off the nutes a bit, plant is drinking more water than taking up nutes thats why
  7. I'll probably drop the TDS to 350 and see what happens

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