¿ Trusted Ebay Tents ?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by degrassi2, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. im going to be ordering a 2x2x5 approx. grow tent from ebay. I don't have experience with the tents. Rather than attempt to get lucky I'd like the people who have purchased ebay grow tents to post up if they received a quality item.

    Please post the sellers name so I can look them up. Thank you.
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    Let's just say that "budget" is the amount I want to spend. <$100 would be best. I've seen one at HTGsomething.com that was $135 but sounded worth it. However the dimensions of the tent sucked. I'm not opposed to paying <$140 but if the difference between the $140+shipping tent and the
    $80 free shipping ebay tent arn't major I'll just go with ebay's.

    3x3x5 is what I'm sure I'll end up buying. I'd rather have 2x2x?
  3. thanks. That site has the size I want and also the lighting equipment. I wonder how much shipping will run me :-/ I've one more question about my setup before I commit and purchase.
  4. What about gyo brand (off Amazon) 4x4x7

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