¡¡¡Theres a dude passed out in front of my house.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by photographer, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. Keep in mind this type of stuff doesnt happen that much in my neighborhood. SO anyways, about 15 minutes ago I see a convertible go down my street. I dont think anything of it. Then it stops, and I think a chick goes running out of the car. It could have been a girl jogging, but im pretty sure she came from the car. Then this guy gets out of the car. He shouts something that sounded like a girls name and kicks the car really hard. He stumbles, backs up and falls over a stone wall into this garden. The garden is in front of this house, right next to the street. It seemed like it hurt pretty bad. But anyways he just falls asleep there I guess. Then like 8 or so minutes later two guys come out from in back of the house. A white dude and a big black dude. They look at the dude passed out in the garden and the black dude makes a phone call. Then they get in the car and drive off. 5 minutes later the car comes back without the black dude. The white dude gets out, turns the car off, takes a look at the passed out dude, and walks back around the house. Its been at least like 20 minutes and this guy is still just passed out there.

    WTF just happened?
  2. update: he got up kicked some more cars (my neighbors) and walked away. I'm gonna investigate this shit. He has no shirt on. The girl must have refused to give him dome and he flipped a shit. Ill be back.
  3. Take your camera

    I'm assuming you have one
  4. lmfao.....thats a funny fuckin story mayne. Keep us updated. maybe he was drunk like me right now, and she didnt wanna ride with his slobish ass.
  5. He went down this street kicking all these cars and like trying to get into them. I followed him (from a distance) - I've seen harrriet the spy I know the deal. Hes passed out in a new place but again, in a very uncomfortbalbe position. I'm gonna try to get my camera. be back soon
  6. If this thread has a payout in picture form, there is a +rep in it for you
  7. YOU MISSED A GOOD oppurtunity to piss on a passed out dude....

    i'd have peed on him and stuck peanut butter in his ears....
  8. Oh shit, we need to get married.
  9. Yes. bring your camera and throw rocks at him from a distance.
  10. Rock the telephoto lens

    Make sure it makes that wicked loud shutter click when you take a picture
  11. from a guy named "photographer" this thread definitely lacks pictures
  12. He's givin' it all he's got, Captain
  13. hes working on it man, damn =]

    this is some interesting shit

  14. no thanks i live by the,,,

    HUMP EM AND DUMP EM,,, philosophy,,,

    no marrying here,,,,,but there is option #2....?:ey::ey:
  15. I took a picture. Flash didnt seem to bother him one bit. I just wanna leave a sign around his neck saying "DRINKING ISNT FOR YOU".

  16. oh shit that was what I needed
  17. wow funny, be careful get us some pics STAT!:smoke:
  18. Hahahaha you are the fucking man!

    This thread packs so much win into 20 posts

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