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Chico vs Sac vs San Fran state

  • by Wykyd_Green
  • Nov 02 2011 05:05 AM
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Posted 02 November 2011 - 05:05 AM

Hey whats up grasscity!? I am in the midst of transfering/applying from community college to either chico state sacramento state or san francisco state with a 3.0. These were the colleges most accepting of my transcript; my selection of classes so far fulfilling the majority of the csu required lower end courses. I am majoring in business and minoring in computer science.

I am curious to hear your opinions on each of the schools. I was also wondering which school would look better on the getting hired end.


What school is going to look better when I graduate?
Which is most difficult?
Where will be more fun?

Thanks in advance for your opinions!

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