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Don't Know What Else To Do... Help PLEASE!

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What type of medium; soil or hydro? Soil
What brand and type of soil? Custom mix consisting of composted manure, Jiffy seed starter mix(spaghum peat moss, vermiculit and lime), Biotone Starter Plus, Perlite Indoors or outdoors? Indoors
What strain? Bagseed
How old are the plants? Roughly 6 weeks, maybe 7
What type of lights and how many watts? Two 70 watt HPS, two 42 watt CFLs 27k, four 27 watt 5k
How far from the lights? A little over a foot
What is your watering frequency and source of water? As needed, about every 2-4 days.
What, how much and when was it fed? NPK? Worm Tea yesterday and a dose of Green Lite Super Bloom 12-55-6 about two weeks ago, a little bit of MG (veg) about a month ago.
What is the medium/runoff pH and PPM if in hydro? Awaiting PH meter, I know, STUPID i don't have it
What are the temps and humidity in the room? 45-60 humidity, 80-high 80s temp
What size pots? about a gallon
Any bugs? Look real close. None
Any other pertinent info? Plants are in a custom built box with a curved hood on top, two fans, temp controlled room. I trimmed some of the bigger leaves that were blocking light about two weeks ago, not many. LOTS of LST

So, here is the thing, they were as happy as could be until about a week ago. That's when I got REALLY worried. I've looked EVERYWHERE! Have a couple of ideas but I need something more specific. First the smallest leaves on the lower part of the branches started losing color and drying up before falling off. Then it moved up the branches. Now the medium to larger leaves are doing the same. They got light burnt just about a week ago but this has been going on longer, about two to three weeks ago is when it started. I don't know what to do. I flushed them a bit about 3 weeks ago. I think its PH or too much fertilizers, probably both. I'm going to do a damn good flush tomorrow. I'll add pics and one of the pics will have 3 plants. The center plant in that pic is not one of the two in question. The pics are from different angles, different light, etc, etc. Just two different plants in the pics. Both exhibit the same problems. Both have been flowering for about 3 weeks. I can't lose these girls. I've put alot of work, well, training and time into them. And they're just now getting good. Glands are starting to pop up everywhere. I just hate that I burnt the pistils the other day. They looked DAMN GOOD! SO guys and gals, please help! Thank you all so much for your time, and Keep It Green!

PS. I really have looked everywhere and read everything I have, which is a CRAP load of information. I've got the grow bible and every mag you can think of. I've sifted through literally countless pictures, read so many threads. So please don't treat me like I'm a noob. This is my third or fourth grow so I'm not a complete moron. Just never had problems like this before.

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More pics

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i really like how you made those dirty clothes hampers into pots. i would have never of thought to do that.

you shouldnt ever use miracle grow. they are bad :P

12-55-6 is a pretty bad ratio for cannabis. they dont need that much nitrogen during flowering. nitrogen overdose in flowering can seriously reduce bud production. the phosphorus ratio is quite strong, but it can be managable if used in low doses. that IS if the N wasnt so high. i would go with new nutrients, maybe somthing more for our needs, like gen. hydroponics, advanced nutes, humboldt nutes, aurora innovations, foxfarm, botanicare, ect. a veg nute ratio would be 5-1-2 for example. a flower nute ratio would be like 3-10-15 for example.

make sure you remove dead leaves from your soil. too many dead leaves produce ethylene, which can cause buds to mature early. they are also an open doorway for fungi to make a home in your soil.

ive heard stories of vermiculite choking out people's roots. i have never used it personally, though, and have only used perlite. perlite is great for aeration.

my guess is the pH is a bit low also, but i dont want to come to any conclusions until you get your meters. also, what kind of water do you use (tap, R/O, well water)?

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