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My view on the philosophical side of Mathematics and Numbers

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    True wisemun toke.

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Hey fellow blades. I often find myself thinking about the philosophical side of life when im faded. So anyway, i was thinking today, you know scientists say every single thing in the universe can be explained by mathematics... how can numbers describe the planets, gravity and everything else? How can something that man created, translate everything into something humans can comprehend, into a set of numbers?




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easy ...math is alot more then just numbers...it is also all the shit that you can do with numbers....
angles -probabilities- ratios- the list goes on.... so from the right perspective math can explain anything......
anything that is physical.....

math has no hart ...so is unforgiving.....
and cannot explain anything that has to do with "feeling" or "being"

when you say

scientists say every single thing in the universe can be explained by mathematics...

what they even mean by that statement would depend on the individual making the statement,,,,and his perspective on "every single thing" as it pertains to his statement.....

you with me so far?



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maybe the math behind emotions is just so complicated we cant begin to grasp it




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physics,, they measure what the universe has e.g. gravity, distance, u know



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The flow of numbers in mathematical equations is not unlike the flow of life. The mannerisms involved in mathematics are somewhat related to the mannerisms of life in general.


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you can find the pattern of life within every creation of man...



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I suppose another reason is because numbers are all facts they aren't just somebodys idea or opinion

like an equation... of course down the line certain equations and number facts could be disproved but they were never intended to be just a guess or close guess in the first place

numbers dont lie basically

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Vitamin 420

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