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Cloning Tips? Best Rooting Hormone?

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I have a blueberry plant i've been trying to clone and haven't had any success. I've been using the Schultz rooting powder, and have read on other forums it has a 100% success rate. But i have had no luck with it. I cut my cuttings with a razor about 3 nodes down (about 6 inches) of root room. I've tried using humidity hoods and i've tried without. I haven't had one root. I've tried 18/6, 20/4, and 24/0 lighting, always with cool white flourescents which have been excellent for the veg states. What am I doing wrong? I just ordered some rootech cloning GEL, do you think I'll have better success?



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So far I have had 100% success rate using a 25 site aeroponic cloner and Dyno grow root gel. No humidity dome needed with aeroponics, just mist the first few days. Follow chuchdaddyo advice and they will grow.

Good luck...




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Rootech has worked for me in the past, smear that shit on and i put
it right into soil.

What i do:
1 Sterile barbershop scissors "other types pinch", or use a straight blade

2 Take the very top of the plant off "2 or 3 nodes of it" or shoots
from the lower 1/3rd, depending what im going for.

3 Smother it from tip in -=+ ROOTECH +=- rooting GEL <--- powders suck
the clone stem is cut 30-60 degrees, anything between is fine
Tip to the bottom node, protect the plant with the gel.

4 I plant the clone DIRECTLY into SOIL, nothing else, right into dirt
Then "DOME" it for humidity after you have the soil moist and misted
the leaves

5 The plant will wilt, in 24-48 it should prop up again as the stem takes on water
Soon, roots will form, at least always has for me.

I clone under MH, as i dont have floro "i do have my old CFL box but i havent
turned it on in awhile. Just dont have it up there with the big girls. keep
the youngin down under the canopy, at least 2 feet away.
If your grow room temps arent retarded, this will be fine.



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100% sucess on a bubble cloner. 10 -- 14 days depending on the strain.
There are several DIY's on here for making the cloner.


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