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Cannabutter cost

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Im looking to make some edibles soon and was wondering if i should get a tub of cannabutter from the club or make my own, and what the potency of 'club butter' is.

and how much would a tub cost me?



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I usually make butter from my trim and some lesser buds, and in the process, its a great way to make your less potent stuff, more potent. I make it in a slow cooker, and for just a few bucks, I can make enough butter to make edibles for a year. Stuff kicks your ass, too!:)

I have no idea what a club would charge for it though. I'd make my own, either way, it's fun.



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Prices at clubs, at least in California, are going to run you between $30 and $50 for a pound, which is good for one really good batch of baked goods, or two decent batches.

Wish I could tell you something better, but that's about it. Most clubs don't stock it either, as it's hard to keep if they don't have a fridge (believe it or not, some clubs don't).

It's really not that tough to make to be honest, if you can get trim or shake from a grower, you're golden.




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Like people have said, making your own butter is fairly easy. You can make it out of bud if you don't have access to trim. IMO it's kind of wasteful but I know of people who love using bud for butter. WARNING: if you make your own, TEST IT FIRST. I've had people think they've ODed on my stuff. I warned them not to use so much. lol

SIMPLE RECIPE: OZ of trim (or 1/8th of bud), a stick of butter , enough water to cover trim nicely. Put it all in a pot. Simmer for about 2 hours, pushing down vegetation every 15 minutes or so. Strain through strainer removing vegetation. Strain a second time through cheese cloth. Put liquid in the refridgerator for a few hours. You will get a big slab of cannabutter. Toss the water, it's no good. TIP: if making a small amount, put liquid in thin container so you will get a thick slab of butter. It makes it easier to handle.

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