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Dark green veins/lighter leafs?

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What type of medium; soil or hydro? soil
What brand and type of soil? organica soil (all organic)
Indoors or outdoors? indoors
What strain? Lemon G/ Afghan Mango
How old are the plants? about a month
What type of lights and how many watts? CFL 2700k and 6500 k,total of 8 lights
How far from the lights? about 8inches
What, how much and when was it fed? NPK? Every other watering
What size pots? 3gallon
Any bugs? Look real close. nope
Any other pertinent info?

My plants at first looked like they had a nute burn,alot of leaves turned yellow and than died but the lemon plants made it thru. The afghan mango is now not doing so well. The veins on the leaves are darker and around the veins its a lighter green. So the leaves look almost spotted with a mixture of light/dark green. Trying to upload my pictures but my media card reader isnt working so trying to find my usb cable. But does anyone know what it could be with the leaves basically being half dark/half light green. The veins are darker and than the farther from the veins the lighter the leaves get.



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