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Help finding a dab tool

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    which came first?

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The tool to put your concentrates on. I found dentist picks on ebay for real cheap, but does anyone have a say on which shape is best? Or if there are any good budget type dabbers?

I was looking at this one: DD6 STAINLESS STEEL DENTAL PICK DOUBLE END 6" | eBay

Would it be good for picking up all types on concentrates? Bubble hash, full melts, waxs, oils, etc?

Also if someone could, what are those pieces that you can torch and use it to burn your bowls of bud?




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That looks like it should work. If you want to get fancy you can snag a Ti dabber. I use a "TiPower" double sided dabber. Ball point on one end flat head on the other end, this is the best dabber tool ive owned hands down.

As for the peices you torch and vape your bud with..... those are just basic glass wands/rods. You can buy them at most shops for like 5 bucks. Nice to have.

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Well heres the thing about dental picks; almost all of the cheap ones you find on the internet are low grade stainless steel. I know you may see a lot of people dabbing with them and paper clips, but you are most likely inhaling a very small amount of fumes from the pick when you dab. So id suggest buying a titanium or glass dabber, if its a glass dabber make sure you find one with a nice, thin point. But if you have 20$ to spend, buy a highly educated titanium dabber, i suggest the flat-heat dabber or the one with the tiny ball on the end, i use both depending on what type of consistency im working with.
And that dental pick on ebay has very thin points and wouldnt be good for oil or dry crumble wax. It would be harder to get a fat dab of oil on that, and dam near impossible to get some crumble to stick to it. Certain types of bubble wouldnt want to stick to it. But if you have a seperate tool, like the double sided picks with a little blade on one end, then you can use the blade to scrape a dab and use that ebay pick as a dabber. And if you ever have some dry hash/wax you can use the blade to dab it.(again though good possibility you will inhale fumes with every dab) It really all depends on what you smoke; unless you only smoke one consistency your going to need multiple tools. If you smoke a lot of oil/sap a blade or scaping tool is a necessity. If you only smoke dry wax you really dont even need a scaper as you can just use your dabber.
And when you say the thing to torch to smoke bowls..i assume your talking about a glow rod? Its just a piece of glass, sometimes with a ball or bulge on the end. You can find em at most headshops, just say glow rod/wand or glass wand. I assume you know how to use em, lol, just heat it with a torch then touch it your bowl and move around til cherried.
Just noticed 215th post= prop. 215, which legalized marijuana for medical use in CA :hello:

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