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weed problems

so tomorrow I'm gonna hotbox with some friends i live in arkansas. i don't know what to get i have 161$ i've only smoke 1 time last year but i'm getting back in it now so our Reggie is 80 for an ounce and our loud (dank) is 200 an ounce should i mix it and get the ounce then some g's if loud?

Happy Danksgiving! Check out the Greenito Recipes!

Happy Danksgiving! Check out the Greenito Recipes! Go to this link and check out how awesome these recipes are!

learning to grow cannabis successfully

just posting to see if anyone else has had an opportunity to try out cannabis training university.i just finished the final exam and wondering if anyone enjoyed the learning experience as much as i didheres the link for anyone maybe looking to further there education in the marijuana industry, thanks

Coffee and Dabs 🍵

Coffee and Dabs 🍵 Delicious, french roast coffee with hazelnut creamer compliments the mo ABV shatter.

Laser Pointer pen with pocket clip Business Presenters


The greatest risk from 5mW laser pointer is to pilots who are in control of the plane.Police in the air worked with their colleagues on the ground to track the suspect to the rear of a building near downtown Brooklyn, where he was taken into custody, the NYPD said. Lasers can not damage a plane's str...

Does anybody know how to hide their bongs outside?

Please help

How do I grow in or outdoors

I am trying to figure out what is the best method for me to use it is hard for me to grow inside but I can't I have to. how do I grow enough to make 5 pounds every 3 to 4 months explain everything in detail how much I'll have to spend and what I'll have to do or buy to do this inside and outside if you can thx

How often do you smoke? Is it everyday? Weekly? Monthly?

multiple times per day. 3-5 times typically

Highary Entry 2

So normally I won't post two entries a day but I smoked twice today soooo
No one was gonna be home for an hour or so so I smoked a couple bowls in the backyard. Unfortunantley people got home right as I finished smoking so I had to run upstairs and "take a shower" which then turned into actually taking a shower. Great high like the water felt so cool haha...

first update loads of pics any comments welcome

first update loads of pics any comments welcome let me know what you think any gueses on strain eould be epic bunch of randos could be a couple chemdawg#4 im using 3 23watt 5500k right now waiting until payday to finish the set up but they came out of dirt on oct 21 soo like 23days veg tallest is 6 in on a 24/0 lights no nutes yet

is this good weed

is this good weef?

Most suitable wax vape

Hello, I am interested in getting another wax vaporizer to call my own. I bought an atmos raw about two years ago and loved it until three months later and now it is trashed. I want to know from the community what is the most reliable wax vaporizer in stores at the moment. I want to have a convenient stealthy wax pen again that does not require a whole lo...

First grow help

Hello, I have decided to take on the exciting task of starting an indoor grow. At the most I would only like to increase to a few plants. But here for awhile I will just be growing one plant. I have been doing so much research it has been overwhelming and I need help getting pointed down some right paths. First question is about lighting, I would pref...

You Guggenheim


After Court

Court was extremely interesting. Cory, Jake, Noah, and I all showed up at 9am like our tickets said. 2 hours later, we're still sitting in the court room waiting for the judge to call our names. Next she says, "Cory M******, Noah M*****.) So they finally get to go up. Jake and I assume we're next (because that makes the most sense) so we get ready to go u...

Easy To Do*

The ONLY things you will need.. A Room. One Large (trash) bag (scented if possible). Band (hair tie or rubber band). Herb and Smoking device*First make sure that you have a proper smoking device. If you're using a homemade pipe or bong, you run the chance of lingering smoke, its going to smell and you're going to have a bad time.*Second - Grab your bag, o...

Is there still hope? I messed up substitution, I flushed the toilet

Hi there I'm brand new to the forums, so I'm sorry if I brake any rules.This happened barley 2 hours ago and I am in desperate need of help and answers hopefully before tomorrow morning please.
So I got an interview Thursday at Best Buy and accepted the job the following Friday morning took the test today, afternoon/evening. I read all the guides for subs...

Is this mold?

Is this mold? can anyone tell me if this is mold?

first time growing hydro

ive grown before but this is my first hydro grow trying to learn as much as i can. 6- 3.5 gal bucket dwc setup with 20 gallon res. GH grow bloom micro. 2 hid lights. 1-1000w mh/hps and 1-600w mh/hps. ive got 10 femenized white widow seeds germinating in ph5.5 water. 6 will go in the hydro system and 4 in soil. i have a 10x10 room to work with and plan on...

2014 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 Audio Comfort Navi XM ABS Al Lamb's Dallas Honda

Al Lamb’s Dallas HondaAl Lamb’s Dallas Honda --- The Honda Gold Wing leads the class of touring motorcycles – with maximum power, Gold Wing Touring performance, street handling and touring comfort. Riding in a less-than-perfect environment? Upgrade your riding experience with the Gold Wing ABS to increase your driving confidence in any environment. The op...

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