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According to Grasscity Growers, what are the best grow tents out there?

GC Growers unite! Please give me feedback in this thread here




New to growing and Im going Coco

So im new here to grass city, growing indoors, and have decided to see what I got when it comes to supplying myself with a decent smoke that will last more than a week lol. Ive decided to grow in coco and perlite(50/50 or 75/25) haven't decided quite yet as I still have a bit more time due to my seedlings just popping two days ago. I have 1000w MH for veg...


HELP*** my clones have started to grow brown spots on the leaves and im not sure Y....??? my ph is 6.0 .....no nutrients yet....but i am using tapwater ......some one please help!!!!

Do sploofs work well with gravity bongs (GBs)?

I'm currently staying at my mom's apartment, and she told me she didn't care if I smoked while I was here. But she doesn't want the neighbors in her apartment complex to know or smell it, and she doesn't want my brother to smell it either. So to eliminate the smell as much as possible I searched ways to eliminate the smell of weed, obviously, and came acr...

Don't blow yourself up making BHO!

Don't blow yourself up making BHO! Have you been in a BHO making, accidental explosion? Do you want to share your story with the world? I'm making a video for cable access in Portland, Oregon that will be put on Youtube. Youtube is full of videos of people making BHO in unsafe conditions. People are blowing up their dwellings and losing their skin, their children's and pets' skin and the...

Smoking In The Shower

I'm new to GrassCity and i wanted to see if there is anyone else that smokes in the shower...if so, what do you think about it?

Worlds First Turbocharged Bong

Atlast, what all car enthusiasts and smokers have been waiting for. This is the worlds first bong to incorperate a dual turbine 3d printed turbocharger to deliver a boosted hit of smoke to the user. If the hit was not fully finished, all of the remaining smoke will be ejected from the top of the bong due to the spool down of the turbo. Thus NO MORE STALE...

Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk

Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk Let's get this together our way not the way the gov wants it. If we continue to let them have there way, we will never see things our way, which is more right than there's. Let's get out this crabs in a barrel, dog eat dog mentality that they love us in and become more civilized and conscious. That's why we are called civilians, because our civilized mind...

dxm 3rd plateau trip

ill type when i peek in 10-30 mins 600 mg dxm 1 g weed so i dont mute dxm, 150 lbs

A Flower Power Solar Introduction

Thank you for reading the initial post of this Blog ! The purpose of this Blog will be to educate both the commercial and residential grower to the great benefits of solar energy solutions, both on and off-grid.
As most of us are aware, 1% of all electricity in this country is used for the purposes of growing marijuana. That equates to 5 Billion dollars...

smoking bho weed post extraction

I just wanted to let everyone know, before you go firing up your bong with or selling off any buds that are butane filled, you might want to look into the effects of butane on the body. A so called trusted friend was selling weed to me post extraction without my knowledge and i ended up at the cardiologist and my dad had a heart attack. While there is no...

Top best buds weed for sell get your regular supply at affordable prices +AAA strains only

hi there everyone am new here i have great products for you below check my list and hid me back your orderlet get down to business.

>>> > *Green Crack::::::::::::: Grade: AA

>>> > *Sour Diesel :::::::::::::::Grade: A+ Top Shelf

>>> > *Grand Daddy Purple ::::Grade: A

>>> > *Sensi Star x...

1.5 baggies

1.5 baggies i have 6 packages of 1.5x1.5 each contain 200 in each..selling all for $20 must pick up garner NC



Features of While using the products and services regarding Accredited Packers and Movers Pune

packers and movers in pune
Having the major city center linked with Associated with Export5th, Mumbai is normally using a fantastic development in your house marketplacelinked with Mumbai. It can be today one of the many amazingly very hot residence locations linked with Associated with Export5th. Whether the special qualified household as well as small...

The time The drug dogs came to my school

So their I was sitting in world History class and then the school went on lock down. Well My friends who sit next to me are asking me if i have anything in my car and I told them no im smart to know not to bring weed to school. Then my dean came in the room and said I need Mr. Miller and I started to laugh because I knew their was nothing in my car. So I...

First Time Getting caught after 3 years of smoking!

So after three years of smoking the reefer I have finally been caught and here is my story/questions. I am 17 years old and I have been a daily smoker for about three years now I am A senior in high school and I usually only have a gram - 3.5 grams a day (3.5 grams usually Fridays). Well a few days ago I bought a small bowl (Spoon) and I went to my room a...

berry ryder

any comments? 4 weeks flower uk

fabric softener smelling weed

i got some weed for free that reeks of fabric softener, it barley smells of marijuana at all. i smoked a little bit and the taste is even worse, made me puke. any way of getting rid of the strong fabric softener smell and taste? or is it no good now?

Fingernail test coming up

I have a fingernail test coming up. and I'm just looking to get alcohol out of my fingernails I have heard that it takes up to 90 days or up to 6 months does anybody know of a successful detox kit for the nails??? I have heard about the 340 dollar one..but I don't know if it is worth spending that much money the website you can get it on does have a 100%...

Sprout Pics

Sprout Pics General Hydroponics Root Enhancer is awesome! This stuff works! I've mentioned a watered down rooting hormone solution a few times in previous posts.. (2) drops per gallon is all I've been using.. watering my clones, soaking my rooting cubes, watering my seedlings! I've used this for everything but germination.. (I thought about it.. maybe next time..) Th...

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