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Unknown genetics= Shimmering OG

Unknown genetics= Shimmering OG this thing is almost done, final flush 5hen I'm going to set it inside for 3 days and dark time for 4

fresh seedlings small indoor grow

fresh seedlings small indoor grow Starting my first grow after saving some seeds I found in a weed bag, my buddy gave me some miracle grow potting soil (dont have the bag so not sure exactly what type) as growing medium. I have 3 (the 2 tallest were planted like 5 hours before the small one) with holes in the bottom of each cup and on top of a glass saucer to hold excess water. How often...

Hash or not?

Hash or not? so I bought this off a random dude at the park, as soon as he put it in my hand I said is this hash (I don't smoke hash so I don't really know) he said "no it's weed, it's ground up" I think, anyway because he was speaking mostly Spanish. Is this hash? And if so why did he sell it as weed

is this ready...... ? help!

is this ready......  ? help! will someone please revieww my pics under a 15x4 microsrope. i am not sure if these are ready.

bubbler resin

bubbler resin how do i get smokable resin out of this

First time grower

First time grower Hi first time at this. Im grower with LED in soil (bio bizz). I got cuttings a week ago and transplanted them into bigger pots. I have noticed a couple of the leaves are slightly yellow and the tips of the new growth are yellow. The stem seems to have a big of red running through it. Any ideas folks? Much appreciated

I need some pro advice on a cloning problemf

In Search of a pro grower. I have had a few clones lately that instead of rooting the stems swell as big as my thumb and make a single large root like a potato with knots on it that stays inside the rockwool cube, there are no long roots comng out of it like normal and the plant is not growing and fading in color, has anyone ever had this happen before...

Single seed centre

soo i just ordered seed from single seed centre and itas been 8 days and i still havent got my package now i understand that 8 days its that long but im growing alittle worried i was wondering if any of you guys could give me a review on this company to reinsure that ill actually get my orde

Cosas que no sabe sobre los bongs de marihuana

Cosas que no sabe sobre los bongs de marihuana Hoy en día existen multitud de formas diferentes de consumir marihuana. Se puede consumir por vía oral (cápsulas, alimentos, infusiones, etc..) o mediante la vaporización; sin embargo la mayoría de los consumidores prefieren fumarla.
Los bongs, también conocidos como pipas de agua, son muy populares entre los fumadores de cannabis.

¿Qué es un bong?
Los b...

Using fresh buds to make BHO

i am trying to find some reliable information on using buds straight from the plant to make wax, shatter, BHO.. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.. Plant is of great hydro quality and I use calypso brand butane, 99% pure

DopeCoin Launches GROW Network Partnership: First Grow Opens in Canada for DOPEcoin!

DopeCoin is pleased to announce the 1st official Grow Network for DOPEcoin . We our opening with our first grow in Canada! These beautiful plants/buds will be pegged to the DopeCoin currency going forward. Locked in value for your DOPE the worlds first Marijuana digital coin has the very first digital currency tied to Cannabis PLANTS! SO DOPE!
This blog...

Farmer Appreciation Event

Farmer Appreciation Event AboutAG101 is hosting a Smok'n Gardener appreciation party! Everyone is invited and there is no charge! We will have free food and entertainment all night. Come dance, eat, and have a great time. Plus we will be giving out AG420 samples.

- Featuring the LEGENDARY Prezident Brown performing @ 10pm.

- Event starts @ 6pm with local Reggae Grooves, Now Time...


I'm looking for some friends near Warren Michigan who share my love for this stuff. Simply reply to me or message me if you get the drill.

First day of potting excitement

First day of potting excitement so my seed has been germinated and today it has been potted ill take pics of everything im using another day but my question is how long should i i keep it under the cfl daily since i just potted it today if i remember it should be 24hrs rite ? this isnt my first rodeo but its been a lil over 5 years since ive attempted a grow and just to let you all kn...


As I was just casually checking through the window, I found my plant like this:

At first I was panicked and almost just ripped the thing out and whipped it at the wall, but then I got high and decided to give both plants a little lift and oxygen boost.

The plant I never fucked up looks friggin great with 4 leaves now visible and growing. I'm hoping th...

Autumn the perfect time to prepare your roof for winter

Autumn the perfect time to prepare your roof for winter Winter tends to be the hardest time of the year for your roof. If your roof is going to fail and let water into your home, it’s most likely going to happen during the winter months. The other downside to the winter is that it’s the hardest time to get out and do roof repairs when it’s cold and wet. Roofing experts recommend that homeowners start now to ge...

Why do we need life in our soil ?

Some companies are just starting to get it. Their answer , to throw a small amount of mycorrhizal inoculum into the soil. This is a start, , but still not nearly as what is needed to be applied. ( also as a sidenote mycorrhizal inoculum needs to have direct contact with a plants roots system as early as possible in order of proper inoculation to take plac...

Hey Welcome

i want to start growing may next year because i want to do an out door grow
just looking for tips and things should consider
also what do you recomend on how to get seeds Safe

which one

which one should i use a 45 degree ash catcher or 90 degree ash catcher? in the photo, you can see it is angled a little, please help

Learning led + HPS combo

Grow with both , setup small leds and cfl ( germination ) HPS MH and Flower 250 w Spider led 432 w or 265 w in europe Medium coco 60-70 % soil vermiculite and perlite mixArea 1,2 *1,2 m but can be Little bit more like when going up 1,4*1,4 (3) mStrains Power widow White widow Auto FloweringPhatt Fruity, And Norhern Light,Bloody skunk Auto Flowering long...

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