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Watered Today

No pics (posted fresh ones yesterday)
Yesterday I posted on the condition of the clones and the new root development after (2) days. AWESOME. They look even better today.. More slight uniform yellowing of the leaves, no droopage, no browning, no crispy leaves. All good so far!
The SAGE n Sour and Green Crack have increased water needs now.. I woke this mo...

Newest Vaporizer pen

Newest Vaporizer pen This is Kitty from airis(www.airistech.com) A top branded ranking vaporizer manufacturer from China.
This one-Lativa is our newest mini digital baking vaporizer pen kit,*With Unique Ceramic heating chamber*Baking time within 20 Seconds*Advanced OLED display.show your logo on the screen*135 tempretures settings(300-435F)*Temperature can be shifted from fah...

From: Lagging Out - Not A Whitey?

This is my first post on the forum and although I've been a long time reader, this freaked me out so much I felt the need to write an account, need answers. I'm pretty sure this is the right thread to post this in but I apologise if it's not. This is going to be a bit of a long one. Whitey or greenout. Whitey is what we use colloquially.
I've been smoking...

First time grower looking for feedback and advice

This is my first grow looking for any advice/feedback that may helpI'm using:10 x 5 grow tent1000 watt MH for Veg...2000 watt HPS for flowering when the time come. (Air Cooled Hoods)Canna Grow mediumCoco A & B and Golden Tree and a lil Cal-mag here and thereTemps 70-80 average A/C running, Humidity around 50%2nd Week of Veg

Mycorrhizal Inoculum, ( The Fungi Zone Between Root And Soils)

Mycorrhizal fungi are a group of soil fungi that infect the roots of most plants. The fungi is not a pest or
parasite as it supplies the plant with nutrients like phosphorus, copper and zinc, as well as increasing
water availability. The plant supports the fungus with carbon in the form of sugars. This symbiotic
relationship does not affect the plants, as...

Advice on Lighting of Auto-flower Feminized Plant

I started my Auto-flower Feminized plant about four weeks ago outdoors and it has just beginning to show flowering. So far it has been getting roughly 10 hours of direct sunlight a day but I'm wondering if bringing it indoors when the sun goes down for another 6-8 hours would be beneficial in the bud growth or would that shock it? I know that it is differ...

I need some help

Hey anyone who is listening, i recently got a deal on purple haze for 15 bucks a G. is that at a good price or am i getting ripped off? and also another quicky, what size would you recommend a good filter size, i tries regular Ventiis and they use to much pot and im not wealthy to much so yea.

Am I good or fucked?

So I have a drug test coming up. I did have a clean system up until July 14, I took a few hits of a joint. (About 4) Then I stopped smoking for 5 days and I smoked 1 joint with my brothers again on Sunday (July 19) Im about 160-170 lbs and 6'2 Fast Metabolism. I work early in the morning outside all day so I sweat alot, and I drank a whole carton of cranb...

So GoodGood

So GoodGood

I need help answering a few questions I have about urine tests

So ive been on probation for a about 6 months now i recently smoked on the 13th of July and before that in June but about a month or so between these two dates I skateboard all the time and i sweat like a pig all the time ive been drinking water not like i should if i really wanted to get it out of my system but i have been drinking water i think i have o...

The basic questions I need help deciding the best answer to.

I am posting on this blog as someone who has never grownmarijuana or even attempted to do a grow, but I am trying to figure out thebest setup for my situation. I am trying to plan everything out before makingeven the smallest purchase in order to not waste any money (I have a tightbudget, but will save up when necessary). MY SITUATION: I am21, married, a...

From: plant leafs look sticky!

this is my 5th day into flowering, going onto my 6th! not quite sure what it is but alot of leafs on one of y plants look like a sticky clear coating on them but there not actually sticky, i dont think this is THC forming bc it was on a leaf or 2 on flowering day 1 but continues to get more each dy now i have quite a few leafs with the problem! not sure w...


Hey guy's am new 2 all this how do I post in the forum? Need some advice!??


Yall! I moved to Norman I can't find a place or a person to buy from. I'm a pretty to-myself-person and honestly I don't feel like I'd be comfortable just walking up to people I don't know and asking if they smoke or not. I always had connections through my bf in my old town but we don't speak anymore so I can't see if he knows anyone here. Also, if any o...


I'm staying in Geneva from July 22-July 25 at Best Western - Hotel Strasbourg Geneve and wanted to ask if anyone could hook me up with some good stuff while I'm there. I've never been to Switzerland before and I'm excited to try weed there. If anyone COULD hook me up please get back to me, thanks!

how to locate dealers in germany?

hello, I am new to Germany. I don't know how to locate dealers. Anybody can suggest me how to locate one?

breeding question?

so i have 1 plant that is showing male pollen sacks and pistols... i have mainlined this plant to have 8 tops and fudged with its light cycle its just showing these pre-flowers of both genders starting this week. my question is if i let the plant self pollinate will the resulting seeds be hermie or did i stress it to go hermie and will get fem seeds? or c...

gonna quit the erb

I'm quoting so I an find a decent bird

Had a Drug Test Today

Had a Drug Test Today So, I had to take a drug test today for an upcoming job. I am 5'7" and weigh about 150 pounds, so I am relatively skinny. I have been clean since June 11th, which would make today the 28th day. The test was an eScreen rapid 9 drug test. On Monday, I made sure to take a home drug test, which was a Discover marijuana test. Both lines appeared, how...

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