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I have been deceived

I have been deceived Today after some time wondering why one of my plant not showing signs of hairs on the top node. Ive found that one of my pairs of twins arent twins at all. a triplet of another plant i have was snuck in! So i believe now my plant count to be 3 purple urkle, 2 master kush, and 1 mammoth(pictured). Yet another reason i will never purchase clones again.

How much is this?

How much is this? I'm a noob and I don't have a scale, so I was wondering if anyone here could give me an estimation. I bought this for $10 from my dealer, and he said it was around .4g (I ground it not him). It's blue dream if that helps.

first photos

Yes, I know i should have a mh going, but it broke, and my funds are gone for this project so far

bud . toking.

bud . toking. how to choose this bud ?? looks good means it is awesome too?>

late start on journal

As is not uncommon my first grow is on a tight budget and a lot of DIY so bare with me. SEEDS- bag seeds. GERMINATION- was done in a plastic cake container with a heating pad under it and dome ontop. Seeds were put in 1" rockwool that was PhDNext I put the 3 sprouts into 3" net pots with expanded clay rocks and into a 18 gallon tote with two 10" airstones...


ok so i was smoking dabs for like 3 to 4 months straight and recently i got offered a job, i am currently 42 days clean my u.a is in 15 days is it possible to pass with flying colors.i am 5 foot 5 130 pounds slim body, i worked out for like a whole week and a half and drank a whole bunch of water.i am a little skeptical that ill be able to pass, dont want...

I need help with browning leaf tips

I need help with browning leaf tips I'm having some trouble with my leaf tips turning brown. My plant is 1 month old. The temp is always at 73 and humidity is 40%. My ppm at this moment is 334 and ph is 6.1. Am I using to much nutrients or too little? And how do I fix it


will my probation officer find out if i almost got a dui last night. the sherriff pulled up on me while i was sleeping in gas station parking lot. He was nice about it all he did was run my name through the radio i guess to check for warrants. he let me stay in the parking lot an let me wait for a ride, he didnt give me ticket or a warning even after blo...

HELP with my new babies!

kinda having the same issues, only i get good starts, outta plenty of mixed seeds from having to buy 3 yrs back, early misty, Karm, and uh i can't remember the other at the current moment, this year so far i have ONLY two decent sized fems!!! all my babes keep dying off, even when they look good, no mites, etc.... just stunted pretty much!!! never had thi...

Days 6 - 20

Day 6 looking good!

My youngest plant looks like she is sprouting 4 grow leaves instead of 2?
Day 7
not 4 leaves... just some sort of defect or damage :(
Day 8 Toph is looking good as usual.

does my grow look ok help

does my grow look ok help
can anyone tellcan any one tell me if my grow looks ok I'm a first time grower thanks

New @ Grass City

Today I joined grass city im looking for some strains listed below. I figure this is where I should start this blog. At the begining like all good stories start. If you have access to any good genetics you would like to share I would appreciate some help getting started. Thank you! The gallery below show cases some of my interests.


6 autos in DWC under LED and HPS

6 autos in DWC started under LED and finished under HPS.

Click here http://forum.grassci...-autos-dwc.html


TH seeds - bubblegum auto
Short stuff seeds - russian rocket fuel
Emerald triangle seeds - lemon haze auto
Dutch passion - auto blackberry kush
CBD seeds - auto lavender
00 seeds - auto chocolat...

35 days after germination

Not much to report. The plant still lives http://static.grscty...lt/luxhello.gif

There has been a lot of new growth underneath the unsightly dark-green herbage, and it seems pretty healthy.

I'm going to continue with the grow nutrients for another week, as the plant shows no sign of flower yet.

I had some advice from a p...

21 June, Father's Day Update

On the 18th, I noticed a root coming out of the smallest of the three plants' peet cups so I planted them into beer cups.

My initial cardboard box seemed a little crowded so I thought, what could I do for about $100 - low tech/no money grow op. In the end it cost me around $128 and change. Twelve 2x2's, some tape and reflective insulation.

I starte...

seedling is sick need help

about 2 weeks in my seedlings my cotyeldons fell of. now the first leaves are turning yellow and brown at the tips and twisting. the first set of true leaves is now drooping and the leaves look skinny and folded down like a upside down taco.i dont know if im having ph problems, nute burn or nute deficiency. or i maybe overwaterd or underwaterd. i dont kno...

Panda Film UP!

Panda Film UP! So today my panda film came in the mail and I set it up today. It was such a pain in the ass tho let me tell u that. I think i just ended up getting angry with it and didnt enjoy it until the end :P It was hard to get my walls to be tight so it can be at its peak in reflecting light. Not all of my walls are perfect but the majority are so i am ok with it....

First aeroponics grow

I am not new to growing but I am new to aeroponic and led growing. Any advice would be awesome. I will keep an updated grow journal. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Is this weed fake? Or legit?

I'm new here so forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong place.

I bought some weed from my local dealer, I sparked it up and it didn't have much of a taste, I could only taste the tobacco, I've smoked 'fake weed' before unknowingly and it was horrible but I didnt get a look of what it actually looks like as it was already rolled, there wasn't much o...

anxiety while making deals

Lately i have been suffering from social anxiety and basically whenever i meet up with any of my dealers, im a nervous wreck and this makes everything awkward. i try to calm myself down before picking up but never seems to work, i always end up talking so fast you can barely understand what im saying.. which can come off kinda rude i guess because im noti...

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